Pack of Blacks Rob White Couple at Shotgun Point

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 30, 2018

Packs of naggers are more dangerous than packs of most other animals.

Fox News:

Dallas police took six teens into custody for committing at least four robberies Sunday morning — including robbing a couple at gunpoint who were out walking their dog.

The couple was out walking their dog just after midnight Sunday morning near the Bishop Arts District. A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured this video of three boys approaching them with guns drawn, yelling, “Give me your wallet! Give me your phone!”

Another neighbor’s surveillance camera captured audio, on which you hear the husband, Garrett Scharton, saying, “Take whatever you want,” while his wife, Caroline, screams.

Three boys, with at least two guns drawn, knocked off Garrett’s glasses as he jumped on top of his wife to protect her from any potential injury. The only thing of value that they had on them was an iPhone, which they handed over.