Oz: Woman Becomes Hero Defending Moslems on Train, the Next Day Massive Terror Plot Foiled

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2015

Stacey Eden, warrior of Allah
Stacey Eden, warrior of Allah

A good looking blonde sheila with a possible bachelor’s degree in selfies has become a media hero by defending a pair of Pakistani Moslems on a Sydney train who were too callow to speak up for themselves.

Stacey Eden, who hasn’t given her age, has become elevated to a kind of White woman’s Nelson Mandela status. When a horrible racist White sow, that is uneducated and living in the past and needs genocide, took exception to the two potential terrorists sitting right in front of her with a baby in a pram (they’d been busy breeding) she exercised her right to express herself.

Addressing the thing that was only recognizable as female since it was wearing the hijab, the elderly woman became embroiled in an argument with the show pony SJW princess when she criticized the Muzzie invaders over a number of things, one of which was the wearing of that oppressive middle-ages garment.

However, Stacey was clearly giving an oratory for the benefit of both the camera and her legions of Facebook followers when she defended these two humus-stuffed frighteners of goats.

Good luck staying "wild & free" after you successfully install Sharia law in Australia, Stacey dear.
Good luck staying “wild & free” after you successfully install Sharia law in Australia, Stacey dear.

The old duck was actually making a lot of sense. If her argument about the massacre of Christians in Kenya and Syria going unreported was tied into the very scene she was part of, her point (which isn’t clear from the video) would be quite perspicacious.

This blonde hottie, who Moslem men would love to roll on her stomach and penetrate in every obscene manner possible — before spitting on her and slitting her throat — was more interested in the feelings of these unbathed mat-weavers than her own kind. She was frenzied in her denouncement of the Aussie granny, and if there were no cameras about, she’d probably have tried to bite off one of her eyebrows.

But meanwhile, sitting there like two axolotl in a bowl gawping as their battle was being fought for them, the question must be asked how things have got so bad now that we as Whites are prepared to rip into our own kind over alien specimens that hate us and have no right to be here in the first place?

Even the left wing Independent’s curry worshipping non-White op-ed columnist Ashitha Nagash argued that this “stranger with a saviour complex” had denied the non-White couple a voice by speaking for them.


However, this proposition hilariously exploded in her face when a slew of comments appeared below her article hooking into her for suggesting that somehow the Stacey the SJW was racist for defending the two non-Whites against the “racist abuse.” Seriously, Monty Python is alive and well and actually writing the script to our daily lives it would seem.

Yet, now Stacey and Hafeez Ahmed Bhatti have become besties on Twitter with Bhatti congratulating her for standing up against “hate,” while he himself was too pusillanimous to do. Now of course he wants the old woman charged with a hate crime and New South Wales police are rolling out the rope for a lynching.

Thank you White woman for protecting me from that other White woman.
Thank you White woman for protecting me from that other White woman.

Perhaps drop a comment on Stacey’s FB page complimenting her on her choice of shampoo. Keep it shallow. Don’t even engage her on politics, she needs reminding that she is, after all, only a walking receptacle for semen. But only do so if you’re not Australian and subject to Australian laws regarding harassment. Otherwise, be very patronising without slipping into the realm of libel.

Look who showed up to cheer Stacey on
Look who showed up to cheer Stacey on


If one were to subscribe to conspiracy theories, one might question the way these social narratives involving Moslems play out.

For instance, following the Lindt café siege, a poor oppressed Moslem woman was suspected of taking off her religious face-wrapping for fear of retribution from Australians who are intolerant at being slaughtered by Jihadis. This led to the #IllRideWithYou hashtag trend that went global and saw all sorts of limp-wristed liberals supporting Moslems before the poor bastards inside the café had even met their fate.

So it’s in a kind of reverse order that after this global vignette of tolerance and standing up to discrimination played out in the favor of the meek and mild Moslem, that a massive police operation has prevented what is alleged to have been an ISIS inspired terrorist plot to murder police on what is one of Australia’s most nationalistic holidays — ANZAC DAY.

Of course, this has nothing to do with all the nice Moslems who only want us arrested for wearing T-shirts that say “Australia: love it or leave.” This was down to “extremists” who are decent Moslems gone bad through the negative influence of radicalized others.

Melbourne teenager Sevdet Besim, 18, has been charged with ‘conspiracy to commit acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts.’

Sevdet Besim: If only someone had been able to stop someone else from making him go radical...
Sevdet Besim: If only someone had been able to stop someone else from making him go radical… he was such a good boy.

A close friend of fellow Melbournian Halal-head ISIS-wannabe Numar Haider, who police beautly shot dead when he tried decapitating some cops last year, Besim was arrested along with another unnamed 19-year-old Middle Eastern cretin when their premises were raided and weapons seized.

Subsequently, security will be running high at next Saturday’s ANZAC DAY services, which marks 100 years since that arsehole Winston Churchill’s dunderheaded plan to secure the northern bank of the Dardanelles and eventually capture Constantinople (now Istanbul) from the Ottoman empire killed nearly 9,000 Aussies, 3,000 New Zealanders, and about 35,000 Poms among others.

So we have an interesting couple of days both involving the Moslem narrative, and neither which will do a damned thing to stop these beared camel-herders from inexorably expanding their population and culture within the once great Aussie land.