OZ: White Women Support Self-Genocide via Jew Programming

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2015

Having hair the colour of toilet cleaner is more important to this woman than survival of the race.
Having hair the color of toilet cleaner is more important to this hoity SJW than survival of the race.

Australians are among the ranks pleasing Jewish White Genocide officers as it is revealed that more than 20 per cent of adults will not have children.

Happy to let browns and blacks replace them, these typically middle-class hipster SJW-types are too cool for baby school. Their reasons for letting the White race die out read like a hokey list of dreamt up phobias and neurosis.

Coming together on the anti-White ‘multicultural’ Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) for the programme Insight, the wacky assortment of genderless specimens told of how they were “afraid” of reproducing. Moreover, they considered those Whites who do not choose to let blacks, browns and yellows outbreed them for the Jew’s pleasure as “selfish.”

Kate Murray happily extolled the virtues of self-genocide, telling the audience, “I saw breeding as a very selfish thing to do, and I saw it as something that people who didn’t have anything else to do did, so it was a way of feeling like you’ve achieved a lot in life without doing much.”

Another audience member, a White woman with the gook-sounding name Yang-En Hume, chortled, “The thought of being a mother horrifies and repulses me. The thought of being pregnant fills me with disgust. I hate the idea of having a human living in my uterus. I hate the idea of birthing a human being through the natural process. I hate the idea of breastfeeding.”

Meanwhile... muds aren't so bashful about reproducing.
Meanwhile… some folks aren’t so bashful about reproducing.

Another self-genociding shrinking violet of a White woman expressed her neurotic anxieties about bringing a baby into this big scary, hoddible world. Quoth the race traitor, “When I was much younger I thought I wanted to have kids, and then as I became a teenager I realised that the world was a big scary hoddible place and I thought actually, no, I don’t want to bring a child into that.”

Of course, half the reason it’s “scary and hoddible” is the fact that so many non-Whites and Jews are running amok over it. Still, the lords of karma sorted her out when she beautly contracted cervical cancer at 35. By then the barren clam had no choice in the matter, as she was forced to undergo a radical hysterectomy and all her baby making organs were tossed in the garbage. Only then did she start to wish she hadn’t been such a self-hating White bitch from hell.

“Since then I’ve regretted not having children,” she sobbed. “I still hold that regret.”


  1. Or do we get a new SUV, extend or buy a new Villa or have another kid?
    Er…The SUV depreciates 20% the moment you drive it out of the show room you selfish motherless Yuppies…
    So? We get buckets of money
    SUV wins…
    Probably just as well they would have only spawned another SJW

  2. “Comments are disabled for this video”.

    The goyim know, shut it down.

  3. someone needs to shave that depraved creatures hair. what kind of monster would even think to have such a hideous hairstyle? she is absolutely disgusting….who ever would even consider breeding with that utterly repulsive she-beast has some serious mental issues and needs to be locked away.

  4. I watched the show for a few minutes before I had to move on, I listened to that stupid bird in the picture and realized she was certifiably insane. “I don’t want a baby growing in my uterus” that’s good because the white knight – mangina simpering next to her wouldn’t have the sperm count to do it. And if by chance he did suceed, God would perform an immaculate abortion on her.

  5. Dindu Nuffin Mayne

    Nevermind my crazy negro icon and name on here, how the hell do people like us meet in the real world? I have all my life wanted to have children, unlike these morons, but it is seemingly impossible to find other people who love and value the same things I do, who are not absolutely against everything I stand for in this world. It has been my personal experience that not only are most white women like this, but so are white men. I’ve realized over time that children are totally out of the question for me simply because I can’t find anyone that has the same values as me, unlike these childish, selfish bitches who think the world revolves around them.

  6. That good looking white man married a gook! Wtf!?!
    At least the gook doesn’t want to procreate and have a mixed race abomination.

    • I’ve never understood race mixers either. it is truly a depraved act and should be made illegal.

      • It used to be regarded with revulsion and loathing at the turn of the 19th century when White men RULED.
        Something you simply DID NOT DO under any circumstances.
        Self respecting Whites would DROWN THE SPAWN of such couplings like kittens.

  7. She can kiss me arse in the middle of Starbucks…..and no I’m not having coffee there.

  8. “To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.” – Nietzsche

  9. There’s been a war waged against Western Societies, not with guns, but through subversion. They’ve been attacking our society with radical feminism. and, teaching White women that it’s passe to settle down & get married. Meanwhile, migrants from 3rd World countries practice rigid family structure where a woman’s top priority rests with husband, children and family. So, here’s the big question: How come Liberals don’t condemn this ‘sexist’ lifestyle practiced by foreign migrants? For example: IN Mexican communities throughout the USA, women stay home and carry baby strollers all day. It looks like something out of The Stepford Wives. Yet amazingly, the “Progressives” and Zionists are perfectly okay with this.

  10. Clearly Jew-loving childless man-haters are so much better than Hitler’s Jew-hating baby-making machines. For these shanks believing in women’s traditional for millennia role as being to please their husbands and rear children is enough to list you as a “Nazi”, because traditional morality and gender roles was something invented by Hitler.


  11. Are women who have children less likely to get cancer of the breast and ovaries? Anyone know? If so it would be a powerful incentive to reproduce and of course a vindication of our world view that the natural must be upheld. And yes, it is a sacrifice for women – their battle field. And we have always honored such veterans and always will – as long as they do it lawfully and intelligently.

    • I can’t specifically answer your question. BUT, I’ll share a basic secret with you. A woman’s body is designed to bear children at a young age. She stands the best chance of easy success during her 20’s to early 30’s. Obviously, it’s not impossible for 40+ women to have kids. BUT, the odds are stacked against her. IT becomes much more difficult for women to bear children as she gets older. Even at age 37, her fertility rate drops dramatically. The mainstream media has LIED to women for decades by telling them to wait until after age 40 before marrying and planning a family. It’s false information being pushed.

      • Yup, knew that. And what a horrible trick to play on people who are easily confused and submissive to nameless authorities – especially on the very thing most precious to them and most conducive to happiness if attained and misery if not.

      • It begins with our Marxist education (indoctrination) system waged upon the innocent (re: Frankfurt school (Jewish think tank) Goal? Destroy the family. Goal 2. Destroy sense of nationhood by way of multiracialism/racialism. Goal 3. Destroy the Christian religion. Goal 4 Destroy the racial solidarity.
        Then the girlies are put on the pill age 10 by the time they are 17 they have had more sexual partners than the average boy has had hot dinners (or has beaten the meat).
        No young man want’s a slut.
        So, we have bred 3 generations of sluts and whores for a start since the counter revolution. Blacks have had 5 generations since then because they are irresponsible and breed a lot more. But that is neither here nor there.
        Second stage make the broads godless materialists, (they have been brainwashed into thinking they can do anything boys can do at school AND materialism is the best form of happiness).
        Upshot? GODLESS PAGAN HEATHEN BARREN CAREER WOMEN who destroy family’s by taking careers from young men therefore denying those same young men income enough to provide a stable environment to have White children.
        This does not apply to dindu’s or muds because they have no qualms about throwing their kids to the wolves. Witness an nigger mother in it’s natural environment in Africa. It will drop niglet after niglet despite being famished and dry of milk, have 2 on the hoof with 3 wasted malnourished niglets hanging of it’s withered dugs. T
        The nigger female happens to be starving herself, but has no restraint so while all this is occurring she is being serviced by half a dozen bucks.
        To add insult to injury White people are further hampered by the crippling progressive taxes we are forced to pay for the massive welfare burden imposed upon us by all the mud anchor babies and coloured suck holes leeching off the public teat.
        Conclusion? We are dying out because we are not only not reproducing, thanks to communists and Marxists, we are indentured because of them. It is a lose lose for us at present.

    • Ther more children and the earlier they had the first one, the less chance of getting cancer. Breastfeeding also helps.

  12. If anyone out there still believes that women are capable of making rational decisions for themselves, let alone their nation, they really should have their heads examined.

  13. Breed the white people out, cowardly juden. God do they need a good old fashioned ethnic cleansing or what, these cocksuckers, to rival the one they want us to believe took place during WW2.
    So sick of these feminazi cunts and all their bullshit reasons for not breeding.
    The niggers and spics and assorted other 3rd world shit dwellers being imported to our backyards and neighborhoods could care less about overpopulation and the environment.
    Only white women could be convinced that having children of their own is selfish…meanwhile NOT HAVING CHILDREN is really selfish! This is what you were designed to do!
    Piss off with the penis envy already, assholes and wake the fuck up!

  14. Why you guys showing depressing WHORE like that trash !! Show some real white proud God women with love for family and God looking kid’s !!!!


  15. Don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!

  16. She looks Asiatic. Not a white female IMO.

  17. Out of interest, is it not selfish to bring white European children into the world at the present time, since we will knowingly be bringing children into a world which hates them and demonizes them simply for being born of the white European race?

    I’m neither saying people should or should not have babies, and I certainly wish more white people were having babies, a lot more, it’s just that I have wondered what kind of hell hole the future holds for white children if the world carries on the way it is going.

    Or does that simply sound like a defeatist attitude?

  18. Watch this:


    They need strong men ruling over them, in society and the home. All husbands should own a Volchatka whip to keep order and dispel any nonsense that should arise in his day-to-day dealings with the wife..

    There is much that we have forgotten that our forefathers knew..and that Islam still knows..

    • Wife: Dear, you haven’t done the dishes
      Man: Whoooootishhh!
      Wife: Stop playing with that damn car
      Man: Whooootissshhhhh!
      Wife: You’re not doing enough to help me round the house
      Man: Whhhhhoooooooooooooootttttttiiiiiissssschchhhhchchchhchchh!!!!!

    • here’s the 1 Million Dollar question. IF Jews already knew that Muslims treat women so horribly then why did organized Jewry push for open borders into Western nations? Jews often claim that it was ‘necessary to stop antisemitism’. But, in truth, they were allowing archaic peoples to expand their misogynistic ideology. In other words, when Jews pushed for massive immigration, they clearly knew there’d be a strong chance of allowing radical Islam to rise. This is total disrespect against women.

      • Jews are pro open borders for Western nations as they hate us and want to destroy us. They don’t care how, or whether it is good for them in the long run, they are blinded by hate.

        Then you lost me at ‘misogynist’, I thought you mangina faggots had been purged from this site…

    • ‘He should not make her ugly’, too late for that Mohamed…

  19. If anyone from the Australian national rugby squad would be willing to bang one of these lefty broads they’d be happy to get knocked up. They are just using politics as an excuse to brush of the slimy leftoid guys’ beta male moves.

  20. White women left to they own devices are scum. They need the whip-hand over them

    • This is ridiculous. Women become unruly in the absence of male authority, especially nowadays while conditioned by Marxist brainwashing, don’t blame them. Blame the kikes and the idle or traitorous white man.

      • You just countered your own argument.

        “women become unruly in the absence of male authority”

        That’s exactly what I am suggesting by the whip-hand, where do you think the source for authority lies?

        It is in the monopoly of physical violence.

        So no, I don’t blame jews or any such BS, or even ‘traitorous’ white men. I blame the general weakness of white men for not controlling women and allowing the shit to occur in the first place.

        Feminism is one big shit test, that the vast vast majority of men, and men as a collective have failed in the West.

        Despite all the negatives you can lay at the door of moslems, they haven’t failed it and are currently proving to be better men than we.

  21. That picture with the big NGO looking sign “Child Free” is just strange, it really is out of a sci-fi dystopia. Like an adapted 1984 or Brave New World movie.

    • This video shows why the white women are coveted by just about every muhdik from Africa to India to Pakistan.

    • The problem with these kinda of videos.. All these gorgeous White women aren’t pregnant with White babies or married raising kids. They’re all out being goofy whores for the Jewmedia.. I bet if you approached any of them and complimented them about their genetics and being the future mothers of the White race, they would likely turn into hellion feminist twats..

      • you sound like a angry virgin

        • Or an angry old White man. They are entitled to be it’s their daughters who are parading around like strippers and are genociding us.
          I mean they are nice on the eye to a red blooded male and all that, but what sort of wives and mothers/grandmothers would they make? Not much chop I would wager. They are narcissistic prick teasers in my book.
          Prick teasers are the pits, at least whores are honest, they only want you for your money. Once they have that you can drop dead in the saddle for all they care, then they would push you off callously while calling for the next John having rifled through your wallet.
          I mean what’s the difference?
          Try attracting one of the above without a job or any prospects.
          I am terribly sorry but decent loyal homemaking women these days are few and far between.
          The overwhelming majority have tickets on themselves and don’t’ know their place.
          Women are happiest having children staying at home, caring for their husbands and out of politics that’s a fact.
          Now they either refuse to have children, are unfaithful or stand by allowing their ovary’s to shrivel and wither on the vine or trashing their DNA by way of race mixing.
          This sort of behaviour should be declared a crime.
          There are more than a few angry men around over all of this racial and feminine equality nonsense.
          Q. What do you say to the world’s White career women who put a career before having children and sacrifice their ovary’s in the process?
          The same thing you say to the world’s White lesbians.
          Ans: THANKS FOR NOTHING…

  22. The thing with the blue hair seems to be a gook hybrid, going by the beady smug eyes could well be kike mother, gook father, but either way about as “Australian” as an Aztec

  23. “I’m sick of these racist dudebros and their oppressive, patriarchal rape culture! I’m exploring my sexuality any way I want, and you can’t stop me! In fact, I may even hook up with a few black men, cuase they know how to take care of business! PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT, PATRIARCHY! HAHA!!!!!!”

    *gets raped and strangled*

    *only mourned by white people*

  24. I miss public executions of degenerates.

  25. Modern women have become disgusting creatures.

    6 ways modern women are just like orcs.


  26. Regrettably watching it last night. The most disturbing comment was this white woman explaining how an African woman in LONDON questioned her on why she wasn’t having children (this African woman so far had SIX) and the white woman claimed to have replied “well since you’re having so many I don’t need to”. Don’t worry goy, no need to reproduce, Africa will take care of replacing the population

    • Those documentaries are highly suspicious. It’s almost as if they deliberately interview ‘guests’ who’ll say the most ridiculous things and make it a normalcy.

  27. Thank you Mr Hamish Patton for bringing peoples attention to that crass tiresome and lying Special Broadcasting Service, aka SBS. As for the video I couldn’t bring myself to watch it I’ve nothing but contempt for that Jenny Brock, a couple of weeks ago I tried to watch Insight, nothing but the chosen ones again. Jacob Dzhugashvili (Stalin’s grandson was being interviewed) what a load of shit it was, even a demented juvenile should have been able to see through the propaganda and lies.
    As for the Sheila with the “Draino” coloured hair because that what it looks like to me, well, all I can say is that like most of them, she is attention seeking, loud, brainless boring slut!

  28. What kind of toilet cleaner do you use?

    • Awesome link.
      Yet another degenerate Canadian, vile, hook nosed kike destroying society and the family.
      Biderman, the degenerate CEO, has of course made millions. He claims it isn’t hackytivism but “criminality”. Typical kiken-vermin inversion of reality.

      Ashley Madison is what is criminal. And yet AGAIN it is created by a Jew.

      • More proof (as if it were needed) that behind all debauchery & degeneracy can be found a shekel-counter ! This one looks so ratlike I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a tail dragging along the floor behind it ..

    • Here is the filthy rat itself.

      • Erich Hohenzollern

        I remember when I saw this particularly ugly Jew on a talk show promoting his degenerate site. Reminded me about how they really are maggots festering in rotten corpses.

  29. the one in the picture looks jewish

  30. Leftist whites, many of them, secretly (and some not so secretly), want to be rid of the white race because it was whites who ostracized and picked on them at school for being weirdos or sexual perverts. They didn’t and don’t fit into a healthy white society so why not support the elimination of that society to get some of their own back? That’s their basic thinking, blind fools that they are.

    • Applying their own logic back at them, since they hate us so much they must secretly love us on the inside.

    • You pointed out the core and very meat of the matter. It is these white people who grew up not feeling as if they had anything special about themselves…and it almost always has to do with simple aesthetics. If you look at the vast majority of all these hipsters and SJW’s, they have this similar appearance and personality. This is no coincidence.

      They are so hateful deep down and mad at life for not making them naturally beautiful (on the inside and outside) that they really do want to see the white race exterminated. This is it in a nutshell. Their whole ideology and philosophy on life begins there and branches out, maturing into what we see today all over the world.

      People do not want to accept the fact that they personally are that superficial and jealous…their mind rejects it…so they in a way cover up this harsh reality with all the lefty rhetoric you hear spew forth from their mouths. In a way, they are basically deluding themselves. They live in a fantasy world. Not grounded in logic or reality. If people would only accept life as it is and be totally content with their lot, they would be much happier in all things. Accept nature.

      • They sure are a problem and sure have to be dealt with ruthlessly if we are going to make any progress. But may be not. Anglin reckons they will just fall into line once the White nationalist/supremacist movement gains traction, he might be right because they are basically chicken s^*- lemmings who follow the herd with a bovine mentality. They know what side their bread is buttered on there is not doubt about that. Presently it’s with the SJW’s and PC cultural Marxist brigade…
        Denying them food would make them wake up pretty smartly.

    • Truest words ever said, its all about revenge. It’s like those muzzies blowing up beautiful artifacts they could never build.

  31. Of course they are worthy of contempt. But most people are sheep and It’s folks like us who are responsible for allowing the tribe to tell OUR sheep what to think. We are the ones with strength to see the world for what it is, thus we are mandated, by God or Nature, to save them before it is too late. Der Führer hated defeatism, and so should we. But of course, the sheep should be shamed, at any opportunity. Shamed, and then pushed onto the right path untill they make what WE force them to understand their own internal beliefs. After all, that’s how the joo made them like that in the first place. Sheep is always the same, write off those eternally lost, and start over again.


  32. Lets be honest, these whites are the genetic dregs of our race and it’s not much of a loss to see them go. We need to focus on having healthy, large traditional families. Not pumping out white kids to be raised by deluded Marxist femtards.

    • I agree, our gene pool doesn’t need these disgusting weak whores giving birth, they are cannon fodder. Id like to see them fall into giant meat grinder, while a cannibal corpse song plays in the background.

    • We need to do everything right when it comes to parenting. At least 6 months leading up to conception, both parents should have been eating nothing but organic food (those herbicides and pesticides fuck you up). The mother should obviously continue this all throughout pregnancy (ideally we should all be eating organic constantly, but I understand we don’t all have the money) and once born breastfeeding in essential. I’m sure healthy child raising can be expanded upon by others. Teaching your kid how to fight is another example.

    • The White charm to ward off Jews!

  33. I heard about this by word of mouth but hadn’t read anything on it until today. What a laughable bunch of idiots. From their names to their hairstyle, they are like some kind of sick walking caricature.

  34. The dirty “refugees” are everywhere there as well. Immigrants basically run the country, and Jews are a privileged class that can’t be criticized with putting you in prison.

  35. Why the fuck do they ALL look EXACTLY the same. Retarded large glasses, intense haircolour, some weird large earrings?! and other random shit covered in face… mindless cult that is.

    • I’m sure you’ve noticed that beauty in nature relies on Symmetry. I have noticed many of these women trying their best to move away from that natural law with predictable consequences. It’s a Jew thing, notice modern art follows those same rules.

      • You are so right. The National Socialist idea of art is as relevant today as it was when it was first formulated in the 1920s and 1930s.

        Here are two pages from the book “Deutsche Kunst und Entartete Kunst” (German Art and Degenerate Art) by Dr. Adolf Dresler and published by NSDAP publishing house Deutscher Volksverlag of München (Munich) in 1938.

        Subtitle to the book is “Art and Distorted Pictures as a Reflection of an Ideology.”

        Dresler contrasts healthy and positive Aryan art with the negative and unhealthy works of the modernists.

        Here the painting “The Last Grenade” by Elk Eber (purchased from the 1937 House of German Art exhibition by Adolf Hitler) is contrasted with ” Departure 1914″ by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and “War Cripple” by Otto Dix.

        Of the “The Last Grenade” by Eber, Dresler writes that “…the shaping of the heroic life remains the eternal goal of German art”; on the other hand the other two works are nothing but the mockery of the heroic -“The jews stopped at nothing in order to exterminate the affirmation of a heroic view of life in the German people. The filth of these sub-humans did not even respect the sacrifices of the World War”.

        • Thing is that Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Otto Dix were Germans.

          Jews are not problem, problem are shabbos goy, useful idiots.

          • Good point Wayne, just because Marx was a twat who wrote a stupid book. And the Frankfurt school’s main thinkers were exiled to the USA in the 30’s where they infiltrated academia and Hollywood thereby spreading their poison like bacillus released from a test tube. Is no excuse for the stupid baby boomers to have adopted their twisted warped commie/Marxist ideology and way of seeing the world. However you should have included all the Western world’s politicians though, as they were and remain the enablers & facilitators.
            Lets go for them…

      • Yeah speaking of beauty Fuhrerious I was watching the Opera, Ballet and Theatre Blue Ray Experience 2010 and here is a screen-shot from a piece that was included in an otherwise great compliation.

        A part of me died as soon as I saw what the Prima was dancing with.

    • John Cougar FEMAcamp

      She also has beady little jew eyes.

    • As she lays dying which hopefully wont be that long, I hope all the ghosts of her unborn children come to visit and torment the black ember that is her soul

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