Oz: Weird Bastard Adds Hydrochloric Acid to Gay Nightclub’s Lube Dispenser

Daily Stormer
August 29, 2016


This is the club. I guess the photographer only had an old Nokia phone? Also, notice the cross on the door.

The problem when you’re having sex with hundreds of different partners every year, is that you become desensitized to it. Then you need increasingly perverse acts to get your socks off.

Stuff like using hydrochloric acid as lubricant.

ABC News:

A man has been arrested and charged after allegedly putting hydrochloric acid inside what is understood to be a lubricant dispenser at a gay club in Sydney’s north-west.

Police said the 62-year-old man went into the Bridge Street premises in Rydalmere on Saturday, filling a dispenser inside a room with the highly corrosive acid.

The ABC understands the club in question is the Aarows club, which describes itself as “Sydney’s gay and bi social club” with “three levels of adult adventure”.


Not sure to which levels of Hell these correspond. You’d have to ask the club owners.

Every time I hear any kind of detail on these gay clubs, I get shivers down my spine.

It’s like putting on nightmare-vision goggles.


Everything looks exactly the same…

Items in the room had been fitted with alarms after they had previously been tampered with in a similar way, police said.

They had alarms on the lube dispenser.

This stuff is a regular occurrence for these people.

“Oops, another dude put hydrochloric acid in the lube dispenser today. Better put an alarm on that thing, I guess, lol!”

Security stopped the man before police arrested him, officers said.

Hydrochloric acid is a strong, corrosive acid which can produce burns, ulcers and scars when put into contact with skin.

How could they even tell? They probably have plenty of those already in the… affected regions. These homos would probably just take additional rounds of antibiotics and forget about it.

The only real question is on the identity of the perpetrator. They’ve helpfully omitted to mention whether we’re dealing with a haji or not, though we do know how these Moslems love their acid.

It could also just be a homo looking for that next-level thrill.

Who knows.