Oz: Victoria Reports New Coronavirus Cases During New Lockdown!

Australia: fat white woman with the side of her head shaved is approached by brown woman in hazmat gear holding a notice

The Australian state of Victoria, facing the 57th wave of coronavirus variants, has locked down yet again.

However, they are still being infected with the deadly coronavirus which has allegedly killed dozens of Australians.


Australia’s Victoria state reported five new local COVID-19 cases on Sunday, including in a worker at a Melbourne aged care facility where not all of the residents have been vaccinated.

The infections on the third day of a week-long lockdown raise the total to 40 in the latest cluster, which started with a returning overseas traveller who tested positive after leaving a quarantine hotel.

Victoria’s acting premier, James Merlino, said at a briefing that 70% of the traveller’s close contacts have so far tested negative for the coronavirus.

“But it is true to say that this remains a day-by-day proposition,” Merlino said.

The case at the aged care facility was of an unknown origin, health authorities said, and residents have been confined to their rooms. More than half of the residents and about a third of the staff have been vaccinated.

Australia and Victoria in particular is a testing ground for all of the things that the globalist Virus Regime wants to do to the rest of the world.

Of course they are continuing to do “surprise lockdowns” regardless of the vaxx. In fact, many places in Europe are still under heavy restriction. The only reason America isn’t locked down is because Florida is proving that lockdowns do nothing, according to their own data.

Australia has announced that they anticipate a flood of foreigners coming in and buying up even more property after they finally open their borders.

Mansion Global:

Australia’s international borders were snapped shut with the arrival of Covid-19 in March 2020, and more than a year later the island nation is still closed to new arrivals. As a result, the country, which relies heavily on overseas migration to boost its economy and housing market, has experienced its first negative population growth in more than a century.

One year into the pandemic, Australia’s migrant stock was 300,000 people fewer than it would have been, coupled by a net migration decline of 97,000 people, according to Federal budget estimates.

By 2030, the Australian government estimates the country will be “missing” 1 million new people. As of June 2020, the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded that there were more than 7.6 million migrants living in Australia, with 29.8% of the total population born in another country. England was the largest group of overseas-born migrants at 980,400, followed by those born in India at 721,000 and then Chinese migrants third at 650,600.

The hit to Australia’s population growth rate is already taking its toll on some parts of the property market, particularly inner city apartments. However, when borders do reopen, property and population experts predict that Australia’s successful and vigilant handling of the pandemic—Victoria instated Thursday a weeklong statewide lockdown in response to a cluster of only two-dozen or so cases—and its rebounding economy will attract the attention of cashed-up migrants and foreigners seeking out shrewd investments.

It’s a rock and a hard place for the Australians – they want to sell the country off to foreigners, but they also want to crush white people with a fake pandemic.

Why not both?

Europe and America have both demonstrated that it is possible to bury white people in the world’s genetic waste products while also destroying the middle class with a virus lockdown hoax.