Oz: Trannies Replace Santa in Christmas Parade

Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016


Will the drag queens also be performing at the Eid Festivals next year?

Talk about progressive!

Chapel St is a shopping Precinct in Melbourne, and this year they’ve ditched Santa Claus and are using drag queens in their Christmas Parade to try and stay relevant.

The Age:

Chapel Street’s Christmas Parade has replaced Santa with a drag queen in a bid to up the fun quotient at the famous shopping strip.

The drag queens will be seen every day from 1pm to 5pm, until Christmas Eve, lip syncing to Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey, all the while doing “Chap laps” of the famous shopping strip in the back of a BMW convertible.

Chapel Street Shopping Precinct Association director Chrissie Maus said they wanted to throw out the rule book and celebrate diversity.

Chapel Street does not do boring. It’s bold and full of colour,” Ms Maus said.

No one is more experienced at getting a party started than a drag queen, that’s why we’ve recruited three of Melbourne’s finest.”

Ms Maus said the drag queens were one of the many ways they were trying to reinvigorate the strip’s image and attract more shoppers.

This is about celebrating the uniqueness that Chapel Street is … it isn’t like a mega-mall; it isn’t a shopping centre,” she said. 

We had to do something different, cheeky and fun.

Because Santa Claus is apparently very grey and boring. Right.


Where’s the vibrant colors? 


That’s better! Much more exciting! Got the semi-naked homo dude in there as well! 

They’re literally admitting that they are using drag queens as a tool to get media attention because they’re freaks.

They’re more than happy to be used as the jokes they are.


Nothing screams different like spastic 

I also checked with Urban Dictionary to check the meaning of ‘chap laps’ and got this:

Doing constant and repetitious laps of Chapel St, Melbourne in a ‘hotted up’ car.

The drag queen in question spoke with Daily Mail and gave it’s opinion on the outrage:

She told Daily Mail Australia she understood the controversy, but implored it was time for a change; however uncomfortable it might be.

Change may not be comfortable… But it’s necessary,’ she said.

It’s necessary?

And we should be listening to a man who has a women’s clothing fetish because?


He looks so family friendly

I strongly suggest you write to the Chapel St Facebook Page and tell them that you’re concerned about the perverted sexualization of a family celebration.

Also ask them why they feel guilt free over corrupting children and using Christmas as a way to push a political agenda.

We need more people speaking up about the fact that everything has started turning into an 18+ XXX degenerate party.


Send the pedophile drag queen @ArtSimone a tweet or leave his Facebook page a message and make it clear to him that mental patients shouldn’t be taking the place of Santa.

It’s becoming very clear that there is no room for children and families in the diverse and liberated world. The left are waging war on anything and everything that has Christian ties, and are hell-bent on bring kids into their twisted adult world.


‘He’s going to see a dick anyway, don’t be such a prude’ -Normies 

They like to pretend that Santa has nothing to do with religion so they should be free to do whatever they want with him. Not only does that prove that White Culture isn’t respected as it should be, but they are clearly interfering with something that is there for children.

What’s next, BDSM Santa?

Conservatives literally can have nothing.

Shitlibs are so concerned about making sure everybody else is celebrated and represented, when will they start worrying about children and what’s best for them? That wouldn’t work with the agenda though would it?


They don’t see anything wrong with introducing them to dress crossing pedophiles, but are scared because they don’t know how to explain Trump to their kids.