Oz: Sydney Issues $200 Fine for Not Wearing a Mask

This guy with the “tits and tatts” is the archetype of the soy mask person of the future.

Australia is the place where they are testing the most extreme anti-freedom measures, just to see how much people will take and how far they can push it.

So far, they can push it really, really, really far.

The News Span:

Facemasks on Monday became mandatory in Australia’s largest city Greater Sydney due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From midnight Monday, police can issue $200 on-the-spot fines for violators who are caught not wearing facemask in certain areas.

Facemasks are mandatory in Shopping (retail, supermarkets and shopping centres), public or shared transport, indoor entertainment (including cinemas and theatres), places of worship, hair and beauty premises, gaming areas of venues.

Children under 12 are not required to wear a mask but are encouraged to wear facemasks where practicable.

The Chief Health Officer of New South Wales state Kerry Chant could not say how long the measure would be in place. The state on Monday reported its first 24-hour period without a new COVID-19 infection being detected since December 15. A cluster that started in Sydney last month has spread to Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest party, where masks have been mandatory since July.

Yeah, gee, I wonder how long the measure will be in place?

I’m sure after totally stripping you of all of your most basic and fundamental freedoms over a total hoax, they’ll just give you all these freedoms back when they decide to stop hoaxing you.

That makes sense.

(Note: I’m being sarcastic.)