Oz: Sudanese Teens Rape Woman at NYE Party

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2017

Nobody could have predicted that this promising young Sudanese would commit a rape

NYE in Sydney was a time for Sudanese enrichment through their sacred cultural traditions of rape and robbery with violence. We must respect these traditions. As we reported, nine Africans were arrested after mugging revellers at Sydney’s iconic Bondi beach on New Year’s Day.

Not to be outdone, and before those dusky slackers at Bondi had even got into their Google groove, two Sudanese males and an unnamed “yoof” were spiritedly raping a young woman at an apartment complex at Sydney.

Daily Mail:

South Sudanese males charged with raping an 18-year-old girl at a party on New Year’s Eve have been condemned by their own community.

Norman Massimino and Beshoi Butros, both 18, were each charged with the aggressive sexual assault of an 18-year-old woman at a Sydney apartment block between 10pm on December 31 and 2.40am the next day.

A third boy, 17, was also charged over the alleged attack. 

With threats and serious fear over reprisal attacks against the large South Sudanese community in Sydney, leaders have urged that the law be allowed to run its course.

So there you have it, there is no point getting angry because the mainstream news says that the skinnies have already been condemned “by their own community.” Of course, by that, they mean the Australian community since we are all one big happy race without any discernible differences — the human race.

This wholesome picture proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that him was a good boy

Plus, it is hard to know whether the victim was White. Possibly, she was Islander or something. All the talk about “threats” does sound like code for Islander reprisals. But really, if that was the case, she was just a practise run for the ultimate prize of White poon. Once the bucks have blooded, they have come of age. Whatever the case, she invited blacks to her party and while there is no condoning this act there is an educational element nonetheless.

A rape today may just have spared her a beheading tomorrow. Who knows?

‘The law should deal with them,’ Emmanuel Kondok told The Australian.

‘If they have committed the crime, as an elder, as a community leader, I need to acknowledge it.

‘But they are young people… if they don’t listen to their parents, if they don’t listen to their community and the authorities, the system should deal with them.’

The father of Burtos has apologised for his son’s actions, saying the family was upset and ashamed of the incident.

‘We are very, very upset — we are sorry this has happened,’ Barnaba Beshoi told the Daily Telegraph.

You can see how much sense the “community leader” Emmanuel Kondok makes. There is no point asking the family to take responsibility for their son’s actions. It is clear as day that Australian society is to blame for all its democratic freedoms which are too much of a temptation to a people who have a genetic compulsion to stick bones through their noses and emulate Simian behavior.

You can imagine how shocked this African youth is that his friend would do such a thing. But he still supports him at court

And as the father said, he is very sorry. The case should be thrown out of court.

Burtos’ mother said she was unaware her son had gone to a party on New Year’s Eve, saying the last time she saw him he had bought his younger siblings McDonald’s.

‘I don’t know where he went and I don’t know what happened — the police have not told us much,’ Mona Burtos said.

In 2014, an unrelated sexual assault against a girl by teenagers in western Sydney led to a reprisal attack.

But Mr Kundok said threats against the South Sudanese community should be discouraged, saying they too were ‘Australian’.

Both Massimino and Butros will spend the first days of 2017 behind bars after being refused bail.

Yes, Mr Kundok, there should be no threats against the Sudanese community. That would be a hate crime. And he is right: his sons, and in fact, every single African who takes his breath of the air god provides is an Australian. Even the ones not actually living in Australia are still justified in calling themselves Australian.

After the incident allegedly occurred the woman was taken to hospital, and Mr Massimino and Mr Butros were apprehended at 4.45am on January 1, court documents said.

All three teenagers were charged with three counts of intercourse without consent. 

Friends of the two adults came to watch the proceedings but neither appeared on the screen at Parramatta Local Court on Monday and were refused bail.

‘We don’t want to talk,’ one supporter said.

Many a Nazi is likely to make a big deal about this. They are bound to feel a sense of rising anger and frustration. They will feel like taking it out on the Sudanese community, who, as we have seen, are extremely vulnerable. Possibly, many are already busily building fake showers to gas them in.

But that is just scapegoating. Even worse would be to scapegoat the politicians and members of (((government))) who want the best for Australia and so steadfastly maintain its thriving, healthy, enriching immigration system.

The answer is not LESS Sudanese, but MORE. Think about it, goyim.