Oz: Sudanese Riot Creates Cultural Blackspot in Melbourne

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2016

Victorian police recreate the genocide of the Aboriginals using innocent Sudanese

Victorian police recreate the genocide of the Aboriginals using innocent Sudanese

Melbourne, which boasts being the most multicultural city in Australia, showed off its diverse panache on Saturday when around 200 Sudanese gang members sacked the city and attacked police.

Locals and tourists thrilled to the spectacle of African tribal warfare brought alive in their very vibrant city as raging members of the Sudanese ‘Apex’ gang fought Polynesians from the ‘Islander 23’ mob.

And the manufacturers of capsicum spray were high-fiving each other as police sprayed gallons of the stuff at the refugee resource boisterously expressing themselves because it means they will need about ten oil tankers to refill their canisters.

The Daily Mail, which spared editorial space from running baffling stories about Hitler’s purportedly bizarre sex life, reported:

A violent gang is being blamed for bringing a vicious brawl to the streets of central Melbourne as it emerged members of the group have been scrutinised by police for several months.

Police had arrested 33 members of the Apex gang in the past four months for burglary, assault and car theft before a violent brawl took place with a rival gang on Saturday night in Melbourne’s Federation Square, the ABC reports.

The primarily Sudanese-based Apex gang and suspected members of the Islander 21 gang were filmed causing chaos on Saturday night as more than 100 of them fought amongst each other in front of terrified families who were attending the Moomba community event.

The Apex gang had threatened on social media to return and run amok again on Sunday night but police managed to disperse the group.
This is the same state with a communist premier who—along with the controlled media—are constantly attacking patriot group the United Patriots Front. According to these highly reliable sources the UPF are more dangerous than ISIS and the Zika virus combined.

But they are all for trebling the Sudanese migration rate because diversity doesn’t need any explanation, goyim, it’s just good for you!

Four people were arrested over the incident on Saturday, which forced the closure of Swanston Street and brought trams to a standstill.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graeme Ashton condemned the Apex gang’s actions and said a special taskforce had been set up in November to monitor the group.

‘The levels of violence exhibited by this group was an increase and escalation on violence… that concerns us greatly and we condemn it,’ Chief Commissioner Ashton said.

‘The sort of behaviour (on Saturday night) will not be tolerated and we’ll be cracking down hard on this particular group we believe was responsible.’

Commissioner Ashton said police believed members of the Apex gang were behind a spate of robberies and car thefts in Melbourne’s south where the group hails from.

He said the group had also come into the city for White Night and New Year’s Eve celebrations ‘looking to cause trouble’.

Dramatic footage from Saturday night showed scores of people running down the streets, with many jumping over parked cars as loud screams were heard echoing through the city after the fight broke out.

The Apex gang had reportedly organised the punch-up via video messaging app Snapchat.

Blacks are good at running which is why they like to test their skills by running away from the police

Blacks are good at running which is why they like to test their skills by running away from the police

Yes, there was plenty of warning for police, but this wasn’t the White supremacist UPF organizing a rally so there was no need for a preemptive response. After all, the very sensitive matter of these youths being black and therefore above the law, had to be considered before any thought was given to the safety of ordinary racist Australians who killed ten billion Aborigines. The Age, which is run by Marxists, writes:

A credible warning that a violent rampage in Melbourne’s CBD was brewing was brushed off by senior Victoria Police officers just hours before Saturday night’s riot.

Fairfax Media has also been told that operators in the Triple-0 centre were provided with information at 6pm on Saturday evening that a huge confrontation in the CBD was imminent, but their alert was dismissed as “shit” by senior officers.

Despite this warning – and a similar alert from a media organisation – police admitted on Monday that the riot “did surprise us”.

Members of the Apex gang, who are predominantly of South Sudanese descent, and members of the Islander 23 gang clashed in Federation Square and along Swanston Street, where families were celebrating Melbourne’s Moomba festival.

The rolling brawl sent terrified bystanders running for cover and forced others to hide inside restaurants.

Police have harboured specific concerns about South Sudanese youths for some time, with the Apex gang linked to recent violent car thefts and threats of violence.

But really, goyim, it’s all a matter of perspective. See, it is a big matter of whether these groups of non-White heroes came to fight each other, or attack police. You know, it matters because of like integration and stuff. They really only pose a threat to police who are responsible for the safety and well-being of Australians, so you can see it’s nothing to go getting all racialist about.

The Deputy Commissioner said rioters who did show up appeared to be more interested in taunting officers and bystanders than in fighting each other.

“It was more a collective behaviour by mainly a group of young men that were running through the crowd, taunting police and other members of the community,” Mr Crisp said.

Mr Crisp said they have clear footage from security cameras in the CBD and they expected to add to the four arrests made.

Two rioters were arrested for drunkenness, one was arrested for carrying a stun gun, and another was arrested for allegedly knocking an officer’s radio or phone into their face.

“We have clear footage of who you are. Give yourself [up], go to your local police station, because we’ll come knocking on your door,” Mr Crisp said.

A bystander who suffered a head injury at the corner of Flinders Lane and Swanston made his own way to The Alfred hospital. It is believed he has since been discharged.

Sudanese prefer baseball bats and machetes to bells and whistles. It's a cultural thing
Sudanese prefer baseball bats and machetes to bells and whistles. It’s a cultural thing

So stop trying to find reasons to validate your xenophobia and racism, goyim, because this was just a harmless violent riot involving non-Whites and had no racial component whatsoever.

On Sunday night, Victoria Police circulated an email to members warning them against talking about the nationalities of offenders.

The email stated it was a “multi-cultural” incident and officers had to ensure they do not target specific groups.

Police said they handled the situation appropriately, but were concerned about fresh threats on social media.

The Herald Sun reported that police peacefully dispersed two large groups of Sudanese and Islander youths who massed metres apart at Federation Square on Sunday night.

Groups of police officers were stationed throughout Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and Swanston Street. They were spotted speaking to, and in some cases searching, groups of young men milling about.

Likewise, the African riot in Sydney on that same night had nothing to do with the fact that those rioting were mainly from what Wikipedia describes as being “the world’s most populated continent”.

Two men have been charged after a series of brawls involving more than two dozen people rolled through Sydney’s CBD in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It capped off a violent weekend in the city centre which saw, in separate incidents, a group of women attacked at a hen’s night and a man hospitalised after an assault.

Police are still investigating what sparked the fights, which occurred in a laneway near the Metro Theatre concert venue and also spread down George and Pitt streets, about 3am.

One resident nearby said he woke to screaming and shouting, and from his balcony filmed as a woman knocked another to the ground.

In the footage, police can be seen sprinting towards the pair and heard repeatedly shouting “go home”.

The brawls, he said, lasted for at least half an hour and police were moving between different locations trying to break up separate fights.

“There was a bunch of smaller skirmishes. It looked like there was a lot of people around and I think there were a lot of people fighting in a lot of different places,” the man said.

Acting Inspector Steve Hodges said police thought the various fights were connected, but it was not known how the men and women involved knew each other, if they had been inside the concert venue or had just gathered in the area.

“From what I understand, the majority of the persons involved were of an African descent,” Acting Inspector Hodges said.

“Whether it was two separate groups or two groups within a group, that’s all part of what we’re trying to find out.”

At the time the fights started, it is believed a concert raising money for cyclone-devastated Fiji had just ended and crowds spilled onto the streets.

Police initially said 200 people were involved in the brawls, but later dramatically reduced that figure to 30 people.

The lesson to be learned from all of this, goyim, is that African migration and non-Whites in general are good for your economy and enrich the quality of life of all Australians.

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