Oz: Racist Police Harass Innocent African

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2017

When will the persecution end?

An innocent African man has suffered the worst kind of discrimination imaginable in Melbourne after police used excessive force while searching him for drugs.

The worst thing is, as the very honest black man says it only happened because he was not White. Despite telling police he didn’t do anything they continued to treat him as if he was a plantation slave.

Daily Mail:

A black man has claimed he was the victim of a racist attack by the police after an officer  caught on camera putting him in a chokehold during a search for drugs.

A video posted online by Blade Mdaka, 26, shows him arguing with the painclothes police officer before the cop suddenly grabs him by the throat and shoves him up against a wall.

Mr Mdaka, who had his arms outstretched before he was grabbed, does not appear to resist as he is held by the neck and placed in handcuffs.

In the footage, shot on a mobile phone, the man’s friends are heard saying: ‘He didn’t do anything.’

It is not known what happened before the video started and the officers’ use of force may have been justified.

As enlightened readers, we do not need to see what happened before the video started because there is a simple truth in this life: if you see two White police officers arresting a black man there is a 100% probability that the darkie is a victim of racism.

Mr Mdaka, who is a supervisor at a transport company, told Daily Mail Australia that he and three other black men were parked in a car park in Melbourne when a police car pulled up in front of them.

He said officers asked to search the vehicle for drugs so the four friends got out of the car, but Mr Mdaka stayed nearby so he could watch the search.

He claims one of the police officers was not happy for him to witness the search and said the officer called in back-up. 

The video shows one of the police officers grabbing Mr Mdaka by the throat and pushing him up against the wall and putting him in handcuffs.

Despite the officer’s actions, Mr Mdaka said he was not arrested or charged and was eventually let go.

He claims he and his friends were ‘racially profiled’ by the police and claimed the officers thought they were Apex gang members because they are black.

Just because blacks are responsible for nearly every violent crime in Melbourne does not give privileged White police the right to judge one good African man on the basis of a few thousand bad eggs.

It is apartheid all over again

There is no doubt about it: Melbourne IS Nazi Germany, only with untold thousands of Hajis and Africans, and a socialist government.

‘African people have lost faith in the police,’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘Police are meant to serve and protect but they treat every African person as Apex.

‘I will not apologise for the colour of my skin, I will not belittle myself because you have authority, I will not be submissive of my rights. I will not be treated like a criminal because of my race.

‘This is very disgusting and appalling. You treat us like dirt because you think we are not worthy, but we will not give in.

I will not be treated like a criminal because of my race 

‘I was not aggressive, I was not intimidating, my body language was not threatening and yet you manhandle me like a wanted fugitive.’

Mr Mdaka said the confrontation was ‘unprovoked’ and added that he would moved away if the officers had asked him politely.

‘He held on to my neck and pressed my head against the roller door until back-up came,’ Mr Mdaka said.

Read that, goyim? Mdaka will not be treated like a criminal because of his race, or just because 99.9% of his race is criminals and the other .1% is in jail!