Oz: Pregnant Woman Beaten and Robbed by Sudanese Gang

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2016


It’s a part of their culture.

Daily Mail:

A 24-year-old pregnant woman has been attacked with a hammer by four men that are believed to be linked to Melbourne’s African Apex gang.

Around 11.30pm on Tuesday the woman was walking alone down Walsh Street in Noble Park in Melbourne’s south east when a car drove past and one of the occupants whistled at her.

The pregnant woman picked up the pace and turned onto Myrtle Street but the blue Ford Falcon XR 6 sedan did a U-turn and pulled up behind her.

While two men remained in the car, four men wearing masks and armed with a baseball bat, axe and hammer, approached the woman and demanded her handbag.

Before she could hand it over one of the men swung a hammer at her three times, one which hit her arm as she covered her face for protection.

The handbag, which contained her mobile phone, was quickly snatched by the thieves who then got back in the vehicle.

The victim asked for her mobile phone back as it had recent ultrasound photos of her unborn child.

The offenders threw her phone on the ground before making a getaway down Heatherton Road in a car that the victim believed had been lowered and fitted with a turbo engine.

Police investigators believe it could be linked to an attempted carjacking in Huntingdale earlier that night.

‘A 25-year-old man told police a blue Ford Falcon G6 overtook him on Huntingdale Road before breaking heavily and forcing him to stop just opposite a locks factory about 11pm,’ police media said in a statement.

Three men armed with hammers got out of the blue Ford and approached the victim who quickly reversed.

The three men returned to their vehicle but they continued to persue the victim as he traveled down Huntingdale Road.

Eventually the Ford turned onto Burlington Street and the victim continued on to the Princes Highway.