Oz: Poll Claims 88% of People Want Free Speech to Remain Illegal

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2014

This meme is illegal in Australia.
This meme is illegal in Australia.
We know that polls tend to distort reality, but they can only manage to push that so far.

When a poll reports that 88% of the Australian people want no free speech, it is shocking, as even if it were only half that number you would still be dealing with an incredibly sick society.


Voters have sent an unambiguous message to Tony Abbott and his Attorney General George Brandis: leave the race hate laws alone.

The latest Fairfax-Nielsen poll specifically asked voters if they believe it should it be lawful or unlawful to “offend, insult or humiliate” somebody based on their race.

The answer was a statistically conclusive 88 per cent – or nine out of 10 – in favour of the status quo – that is, that it should remain unlawful to discriminate.

The result is a slap in the face for Abbott and Brandis, who have been pursuing the removal of the provisions in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, on grounds of free speech.

Urged on by acerbic conservative commentator, Andrew Bolt and the ultra-libertarian Institute of Public Affairs the government has argued that nobody has a right not to be offended and that, in normal political and public discourse, unpleasant and potentially offensive arguments can be necessary.

Yet the argument has fallen flat, failing to convince voters that the change is justified by any social or legal dysfunction.

Political correctness is a religion, and racism is blasphemy against it. That must be understood in order to frame why it is that people would want people to be hunted down and punished for merely voicing an opinion – it is a psychological drive for human beings to hold certain concepts and ideas as sacred and untouchable, and the Jews have manipulated this drive for their own purposes.

Ban racism?  I've got a better idea.  Let's ban the rape apes.
Ban racism? I’ve got a better idea. Let’s ban the rape apes and then racism will disappear as soon as we are not surrounded and constantly threatened by these creatures.