Oz: Police do Their Job, Sudanese Cry Over Racial Profiling (黒人の悲劇は子供たちに笑いをもたらす)

Daily Stormer
December 28, 2016

Remember- they’re just like us

Police have it the hardest in the SJW world.

They have to properly do their job without properly doing their job.

Not even a joke, this is basically how they try to portray it. Everyone stopped or shot dead is just an innocent dindu kid, aren’t they?

Anybody keeping up with Australian news would know that the crimes in Melbourne being constantly committed by the Sudanese is a pretty major issue.

But forget about the pregnant woman who was attacked in the middle of the day by a bunch of them, think about how Sudanese people are feeling right now.


Deng Maleek, a university-educated youth worker, was on his way to meet with police to discuss issues facing the South Sudanese community, when he was pulled over and asked to provide his registration papers.

The young South Sudanese man said the officers who stopped him implied he was an Apex gang member, an experience he described as not uncommon amongst his peers.

Young people of Sudanese background find themselves constantly being stopped,” he said.

Young adults, not kids, who were engaged in education or working part time and congregate in public spaces and just to socialise, will be randomly checked [to see] if they are gang members.

Dang Maleek, maybe you should be sympathetic and apologize for the fact that your people can’t help but act like animals.

Victoria Police deny there is racial profiling within the police force.

We do not believe there is a problem with racial profiling within our organisation. Operationally, our police respond to a person’s behaviour, not the colour of their skin,” a statement read.

We are seriously going to pretend that racial profiling is a bad thing?

When will people realize that being cautious of black people isn’t an act of racism, but a statistically backed fear to have.

If a Buddhist and a Muslim were at the airport, who would you be more cautious of?

Because obvs Buddhists  do this sort of thing all the time

Just maybe your decision to pick the Muslim is influenced by the fact that Muslims have a thing for killing infidels.

It’s ridiculous to cry crocodile tears and blame the Victorian Police because Sudanese people are stabbing, bashing and just destroying people’s lives.

The funny thing is that the police won’t even touch them majority of the time because they’re scared of them.

How’s that for jibagoo privilege? Steal, shoot, stab and get away with it!

And the police are apparently so racist yet don’t appear to be stopping Indians left right and center. Why not? They aren’t white. Aren’t they just dirty racists with no reasonable motives when they stop people?

Father-of-six Jeffah Thabach grew up in an Ethiopian refugee camp after fleeing war torn Sudan. He moved to Victoria in 2008.

He said South Sudanese young people were already struggling to find work and it was getting worse.

“Most of the youths have no job. They say they can’t get a job because of discrimination,” he said.

Mr Thabach is one of many parents concerned their children are being discouraged from completing high school.

So employers are wary of the fact that they don’t want to be cheated or robbed and that makes them racist? Maybe if Australia isn’t working out for them they should fly back home.

Many young people in the community were changing their names on job applications, he added, and others had moved to Alice Springs to get jobs.

Sukart Alex, who is running after-school basketball training to empower students, said older teenagers were being discriminated against.

When they go to the station, people do discriminate against them because they are in a big group,” he said.

The majority of these kids are coming from training sessions and trying to get home they aren’t wanting to cause trouble.

Why aren’t they focusing all of their anger towards the members of their community who are giving them such a bad name?

It’s clearly not them, it’s us.

Why aren’t they trying to get their cousins, sons, daughters etc under control? It’s probably not possible but if they were honest about their reputations then you know what? They’d be doing everything in their power to fix it.