Oz: Peaceful Moslem Kills Police Worker for Religious Reasons

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2015

He only wanted to kill infidels and the police went and shot him
He only wanted to kill infidels and the police went and shot him

Do not offend Moslems by trying to save yourself, as it’s their religious duty to kill you

An oily 15-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish schoolboy has claimed a victim in the name of his peaceful religion, and for very holy reasons that we stupid goyim must respect, 9news.com reports.

Racist police murdered the former beach boy, Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, after he carried out Allah’s will and shot dead 58-year-old police finance worker Curtis Cheng, who was Asian and probably not a very good victim.

This is a sort of two-down millions-to-go situation if you happen to be of the view that neither of them should have been in the country in the first place.

And it is a tragic story, since Mohammad only wanted free stuff to help him make clocks. Instead, because Australia is too infidel, he made his life’s achievement yelling “Allah, Allah” before shooting dead this Asian with a handgun that was not supposed to exist with gun control, and then getting fatally shot himself when police opened fire.

The gunman who shot dead a police employee at a station in Sydney’s west yesterday has been identified as Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, a radicalised 15-year-old boy of Iraqi-Kurdish origin.

The black-clad teen approached the NSW Police Charles Street headquarters in Parramatta at about 4.30pm yesterday and executed finance worker Curtis Cheng, 58, at point-blank range.

Security guards and police officers returned fire from the building’s lobby, with a special constable killing Mohammad.

Any more victims like these and the Moslems are in danger of doing the nationalists' work for them
Any more victims like these and Moslems are in danger of making Australia White again

But instead of making it about religion, which we all know really had nothing to do with it, the police commissioner has cunningly corrected Mohammad’s reasons to being POLITICALLY MOTIVATED.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said today initial investigations suggested the boy was working alone in an act of terrorism.

“I can confirm that we have identified that he is a 15-year-old boy,” Mr Scipione.

“We understand he is of an Iraqi-Kurdish background and he was born in Iran.

“We had no information this individual posed this type of threat.

We believe his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism.”

Of course, the fact that the little Camel Crunch had visited the mosque just before carrying his brilliant Jihad against a Chinese civilian worker and he yelled “Allah Allah” who wasn’t actually a cop, had nothing to do with his motives.

For that part of the story, we visit The Daily Mail, which sucks.

The ‘radicalised’ Iranian-born youth reportedly visited a mosque where he changed into a black robe just before the killing which has been condemned as a ‘brutal’ and ‘callous murder’.

It has emerged that his sister Shadi may have been attempting to reach Iraq or Syria the day before the shooting as she flew out of Australia on a flight bound for Istanbul on Thursday.

She reportedly took all her belongings with her, according to the ABC.

Farhad, who is of Iraqi-Kurdish background, is understood to have been living with his family in an apartment block in North Parramatta.

His brother contacted police following the attack and has spoken extensively to detectives.

Farhad is believed to be a student at Arthur Phillip High, which is just 300m from where the double shooting took place.

Police confirmed the 15-year-old had no police record and he way not on their radar.

Officers searched the teenager’s North Parramatta family home on Friday and took his computer equipment.

It seems that anarchists want to swap places with the refugees
Yes, and Aussies can make Moslem refugees especially welcome by dying for them

Yep, the media and the left side (and especially the left-side media) have been busily telling true Australians how uneducated they are, how they NEED Moslem refugees to save them from being too White, and that Moslems are probably the most peaceful and best educated people on earth.

What is even funnier is that a couple of days back when the crazy half-breed White-supremacist Oregon shooter killed those people on behalf of the IRA, Obammy was busily telling America and the world what a role model countries like Australia are for their gun control.

Yep, it’s a model all right. Only crazed Arabs will have guns once you take them from the people.

But for those of us worried in case Australia is running out of Moslems, have no fear because thanks to the country’s obedient goy government the Jews are shipping 12,000 fresh Muzzies down under from Europe to take up where Mohammad left off.

And NSW Premier Mike Baird loves them so much he wants to let in millions of them and give them his constituents’ houses for free.