Oz: Non-White Slams Anzac Day as Racist ‘Cos She Feels Left Out By Not Having Relatives Massacred There

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2015

Let me tell you of the feels I feel.
Let me tell you of the feels I feel.

For a four-eyed noodle-quaffing Filipino immigrant named Fatima Measham (@foomeister) — a token slopehead contributor to a freaky cultish Jesuit publication bizarrely called Eureka Street — has claimed that Anzac Day, a national day of reflection for the contemplation of the Australian spirit and definition of its national character is “a jarring experience for migrants.”

In her syrupy screed, which damns the Anglo character for uniformly commemorating this most sacred of Australian national holidays, Measham decries how, “The Anzac story has (also) become a cultural shibboleth deployed against non-White Australians. There is a Facebook post that gets shared around which claims that Anzac celebrations are being toned down in order to avoid offending new migrants.”

Such a statement prior to the election of the current kosher conservative Liberal government, who are a cabal of privileged circle jerkers that trade on disingenuous jingoism, was nonetheless quite a correct reflection.

Actually goyim, we must now forget, so as to ensure a brown person does not feel a feel.
Actually goyim, we must now forget, so as to ensure a brown person does not feel a feel.

It is simply the fact we have arrived at the century marking that fateful day when the tubby and florid drunkard cigar-end wetting oinker named Winston Churchill sent 9000 of our youngest and bravest to be unceremoniously shredded under bullet and shell-fire in a hopeless uphill advance for piss-all gain on the northern bank of the Dardanelles.

It was one of the most aspic-brained military plans in the history of warfare yet its solemnity is being played up not just by media outlets but by greedhead institutions wishing to milk Aussies out of dollars in the name of our senseless war dead. Gallipoli, not just a byword for Aussie pride, is a cash cow for filthy Jewish-owned multinational grave robbers who give about as much of a shit for those Aussie dead as they do for the latest contestant on My Kitchen Rules.

The gook bitch who wrote this selfish piece of anti-White hate press makes no reference to the shrapnel-spattered history above, and has no comprehension of the military ineptitude, or arrogant treachery of the controlling ‘brass’ that oversaw those tragically doomed orders while ignoring front line reports from shell-shocked runners. Indeed, she makes no vicarious exploration through the eyes, feelings or imaginings of the thoughts of the soon-to-be mowed-down soldiers, or the rightness or wrongness of the plans, but simply concentrates on the day and the ‘Whitenes’ she feels so alienated from and hates on.

Personally, this author (Me, Hamish Patton) asks that readers remember even greater numbers of English were slaughtered, a fair number of our New Zealand brothers and French allies, and those others whose sacrifice Australia sadly neglects to mention were ground into Turkish soil by this drunken idiot Churchill and his liquor soaked command. So by no means was Gallipoli a disaster and human tragedy for Aussies alone.

"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to... uguguuhhhugguuhh."
“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to… uguguuhhhugguuhh.”

But back to this Asiatic shirker of her own nation, who skipped out on the Philippines for a supposedly less-Asian life in Oz, and who is troubled by the fact that Australians are actually White and honour events of cultural and historical significance to Australians.

Her unremarkable writing skills express her unjustified angst. As a yawning outsider whinging on went down, she quibbles, “This myth (for Anzac Day is now a myth, as certified by a genuine non-Australian expert on what is not genuinely Australian) rests on the notion that mateship, courage, egalitarianism and stoicism are uniquely antipodean qualities, virtue that can only be inherited and must be foreign to those who arrive here.

“Migrants like me are supposed to endure this insult (sic) to prove our patriotism, to participate in performative genuflection.”

So, as usual my dear Australian comrades, and all our friends from the ranks of those who perished are farted aside so a non-White can make a big deal about itself. But I won’t scrap history, Gallipoli also claimed the following

  • British
  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • French
  • Turks
  • Indians
  • Newfoundlanders AND
  • Sengalese

Don’t expect this Filipino piece of crap writer to even invest two seconds to quantify the abovementioned efforts and sacrifices of different peoples in what was a disastrous campaign – which is what, if the slanty-eyed Jesuit REALLY cared, would be the proper subject of her ‘article’.

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