Oz: Nazi TV Host Sonia Kruger Denounces Discriminatory LGBT Scholarships

Daily Stormer
August 2, 2016

What’s next? Pink triangles and work camps? Actually, that sounds pretty good tbh fam.

Only some sort of bigot would object to university scholarships being granted to people based on their perversions. It’s not discriminating against normal people at all.

After all, discrimination can only be against minorities.

Homophobia is prejudice + power, or whatever.

Perth Now:

The furore over Sonia Kruger’s latest controversial remarks has reignited the debate over so-called “reverse discrimination”.

When the television host slammed an LGBTI scholarship on Today Extra yesterday morning, she tapped into a deep chasm in popular opinion over which Australians deserve a helping hand.

Speaking out against a $7000 scholarship being reserved for a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex high school student, Kruger argued that sexuality should not have anything to do with the selection process and scholarships “should be given on merit”.

It’s not even her first offence against political correctness. If she wasn’t a woman, she’d probably already be in jail, considering Australia’s cucked system.

Professor Michele Grossman, the Director of the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing at Victoria University in Melbourne, says the concept of reverse discrimination is “a pretty shaky one”.


Every. Damn. Time.

“What it tries to describe as a concept is that the tables are simply turned, so a group that previously might have been seen to have an unfair advantage or privilege has now been flipped to the bottom of the pack,” Prof Grossman said.

But, she said, in the decades since efforts to address inequality began, there was no evidence that this had happened.

Really, you troll-faced Jew? There’s no evidence that Australia, who was once a White-supremacist state where brown people were not even allowed to immigrate to, is now any different? There’s no evidence that Whites are being passed over in favor of ethnic minorities and degenerate freaks?

It’s unsurprising that they actually had to trot out a Jewish “diversity” expert in order to refute this notion of “reverse discrimination.” No gentile could lie so bold-facedly without blushing.


Compare that Jew’s face with Sonia’s. What more evidence do you need?