Oz: Muzzies Try to Hoax a Hate Crime, Fail Embarassingly

Daily Stormer
August 1, 2016


Nice swastikas, Mohammed.

Non-White parasites living in our nations have learned that if they somehow are victimized by their host populations, they’ll earn endless sympathy and gibs because White people will feel guilty.

So of course, they’ve taken to hoaxing these “attacks” non-stop to keep the gravy train going ad infinitum.


An Adelaide mosque has been vandalised with anti-Muslim slogans and neo-Nazi symbols.

“They’ve tried to set it on fire, smashed our windows with their rocks and now swastikas on the doors of our masjid (mosque),” Imran Lum, whose family runs the converted house in Elizabeth Grove, wrote on Facebook.

Police confirmed they are investigating the incident but are unsure exactly when it happened.

Well, they’re unsure of when it happened, but they’re obviously sure of what happened. They just aren’t willing to say it, for fear of appearing “racist.” So they’ll investigate until they can prove that this is a hoax.


At least this Rabbi can spray paint the swastika without making mistakes.

But seriously, how retarded do you have to be to fail in drawing a simple shape? And not once, but twice? Couldn’t these Hajis bring reference pictures or something?


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