Oz: MP Says Australians Should be Forced to Live Like Poor Asians

Daily Stormer
May 22, 2014

George Christensen whines by accusing others of doing so.
George Christensen whines by accusing others of doing so.
Defending his plot to drive the Australian people into poverty by cutting benefits so that Jew bankers can get richer, Nationals MP George Christensen took to Twitter to tell the people they should not whining and be forced to live like poor Asians.

From 9 News:

“Aussies should do tour of Asia & live like locals to put these 1st world complaints re budget in perspective,” he tweeted on Thursday, attaching a picture of impoverished Asian children in a slum for added effect.

Dozens of people fired tweets back, labelling the comments disgraceful and shameful.

Others suggested reversing foreign aid cuts in the budget to alleviate poverty in Asia.

But it did little to sway the outspoken Queensland MP, who defended his tweet by criticising “lefty twitter warriors” for going into meltdown.

“Sometime truth hurts,” he tweeted.

Mr Christensen addressed a number of critics on the site, telling one that budget whingers’ complaints were minuscule on a global scale.

“Try getting any serious form of welfare in Thailand or other SE Asian nations,” he replied to another.

This is clearly a completely deranged argument, based on nonsense logic. The fact that third world countries are hellish has absolutely nothing to do with White countries, and using the poverty of third world countries in order to promote poverty in first would countries is about as weird as it gets.

It is a like a date-rapist who drugs a girl before raping her telling her afterward “stop whining and go try getting raped on the street at gunpoint.” Or a man who beats his wife with a belt saying “stop whining and try being married to a wife-murderer.”

“Other people have it worse” is not a valid argument for abusing people.

The ancestors of the Australian people built Australia, and the Australian people have a right to the benefits that this has brought. Poor Asians do not have the same level of development because their ancestors did not leave them the same legacy.

We deserve what we have, and no politician has a right to take it away from us.