Oz: Moslems Demand Halal-Crockery at Feast with PM

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2016

If Moslems do not get special halal crockery when dining with non-Moslems they get very angry and blow things up

If Moslems do not get special halal crockery when dining with non-Moslems they blow things up

Moslems attending a Ramadan feast hosted by Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull demanded to eat off special plates that infidels hadn’t contaminated.

It was an important dinner, intended to demonstrate how the cucked Australian leader would bend to the will of Moslem invaders, in order to appeal for their help to enrich a country still battling entrenched racism. And to get their votes.

The Daily Mail, which is like a degenerate swingers club for news, reports:

Halal caterers brought in special crockery for Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan feast to accommodate for devout Muslims who chose not to eat from plates previously used by those not of their faith.

Mr Turnbull became the first Australian prime minister to host an iftar – an evening feast to mark the end of a day of fasting – breaking bread with faith leaders at Kirribilli House on Thursday night.

But of the 75 carefully selected guests, which included an anti-gay Islamist preacher, some chose to use special crockery in a bid to abide by strict religious regulations in the ‘holiest of months.’ 

‘The meal was prepared and served using equipment, including crockery, supplied by both Kirribilli House and the contracted caterer,’ a spokeswoman for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet told the Herald Sun.

Kirribilli House, the PM’s official residence while in Sydney, was converted to the specifications of a mosque to ensure that Moslems felt supreme throughout the event.

It is important never to be rude to a Moslem, or to fail to meet any of their myriad of religious requirements, which necessitate an event planner with the equivalent cross-cultural skills of a space expert.

One of these two men is the Australian Prime Minister but it doesn’t matter which one

Turnbull is fully aware that Arab, African and Sub-Continental Moslems denote a huge tranche of the replacement population for Whites in Australia, which is why he never bothers trying to please the latter.

‘Cultural and religious sensitivities were known and respected,’ the department spokeswoman said.

The multi-faith feast featured representatives from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist faiths, including recent Gold Logie winner Waleed Aly and his wife, Susan Carland.

The Aussie PM chose not to sit with non-Moslems for the occasion, even though he was forced to invite them. Instead he was seated with hipster Moslem TV personality Waleed Aly and his mudshark wife, who converted to Islam to become a slave to Aly in all things, and because she is a typically traitorous female.


Women can make their own choices. It’s freedom, goyim.

Aly is like a Big Brother figure on Australian TV used to make White Australia feel both at ease and chastised by Moslems for not being perfect like them.

Mr Turnbull emphasised the importance of tolerance telling the dinner acts of terror like Sunday’s massacre in Orlando are perpetrated to divide along lines of race, religion, sect and sexuality – but that kind of hatred and division must not prevail.

The prime minister was photographed sharing a joke over dinner with Aly and Carland, while at other times they appeared deep in conversation. 

Others invited to dinner were AFL player Bachar Houli, and author and mechanical engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Mr Turnbull described Ramadan – the period in which Muslims fast from food and water between dawn and sunset – as a special time of forgiveness, reflection and spiritual renewal.

He also recognised the other faith leaders present to share in the spirit of Ramadan.

Turnbull’s own electorate in the eastern suburbs of Sydney are fully kosher, and when he is not brownnosing goat-herders the multimillionaire globalist hand-puppet is on his knees orally stimulating the Jewish community.

About the only demographic that Turnbull and every other mainstream politician refuse to interact with are White Australians who they regard as uncultured, un-vibrant, un-enriched and prone to committing genocide against gentle peoples of colour.


Look what you’ve done, goyim! You’ve made the Moslems hungry and angry!