Oz: Moslem Taxi Driver Takes ‘Dindu Nuffin’ Approach to Sex Assault Claims

Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017


Another day, another Moslem raping women and pretending he’s innocent.

How much longer will this go on for?

Daily Mail:

A Muslim taxi driver will fight accusations he assaulted a female passenger and tried to stop her leaving his cab during a late-night journey.

Mian Amer Mehboob, 45, from Pakistan, was charged with indecently assaulting a 25-year-old woman who got into his taxi late on December 16.

It’s alleged the taxi driver indecently assaulted her a number of times during the trip and once in Leichhardt, tried to stop her leaving the cab.

Mehboob, who is on bail, was excused from having to appear in court when the case returns on February 24.

Because it’s not like Moslems have a thing for abusing women or anything.

Don’t forget that racial profiling is racist!

Majority of taxi drivers in Australia are Indian, and there’s a huge risk there.

I’d consider any woman crazy for catching a taxi alone.

They were going to implement a Pink Taxi service a few years ago so that women could feel like they had a safe option to get home, but they were stopped because it’d hurt the male drivers feelings by sending the message that other services aren’t safe.

Rape and a tour because that’s how they do it in India, right?

I see nothing wrong with Pink Taxis considering that majority of taxi drivers are subhumans. And I’d hate to think that a female I know would ever feel forced to get driven home by a Haji, but I guess at the same time if they  ever were to be implemented then the issue surrounding foreigners would never be fixed or addressed, it would just simply be pushed under the rug.

Want to know the solution to the taxi problem?

This wasn’t an issue in the days of White Australia. They should follow Trump’s lead.

But I’m sure Mr Mehboob will be let off the hook and Australians will be given a lecture about racism and bigotry.