OZ: Moslem Prisoners Force Whites to Convert in Jail

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2016


It’s official! Islam belongs in prison

Diversity is not just for freedom lovers. Practitioners of the ancient art of crime are being enriched upon their indoctrination into Aussie prisons.

The Daily Mail reports how there are so many Hajis in Aussie prisons that they have become an unstoppable force and the authorities are too cucked to do anything about it.

Read ‘em and weep, goyim.

Prison guards have received complaints that Muslim inmates are using threats of violence to convert other prisoners, with some fearing the recruiters may be linked to extremist groups.

Several prisoners from Kariong jail, on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, claim they have been bashed by other inmates after declining to convert to Islam, the Daily Telegraph reported.

This comes as the number of prisoners practicing Islam inside the prison has reportedly risen, with dozens of non-Arabic inmates requesting access to the Koran, halal food and prayer mats.

An imam was asked to visit the prison to complete the conversions, however the prisoners involved in the forced recruitments were reportedly moved before the confirmations could take place.

Conversion has not been isolated to Kariong, with sources from Lithgow prison, north-west of Sydney, reporting six inmates turning to Islam and Goulburn prison, south-west of Sydney, needing to create a Muslim only yard to facilitate the number of Islamic inmates.

Steve McMahon, chairman of Public Service Association Corrections branch, said the forced conversions are likely ‘extremist-related’ and warned not enough was being done to equip guards with the skills to manage the ‘major emerging problem in NSW’.

Mr McMahon said there has been recruitment taking place in NSW prisons for the past few years and while they were initially targeting indigenous inmates, their focus appears to have shifted to young prisoners who have shown ‘concerning’ behavior since their conversion.

Doctor Michael Kennedy, head of the University of Western Sydney’s policing program, said prisoners will try to find a group when arriving in jail as it is difficult to survive alone.

But insists forced recruitment is ‘not common’ in NSW prisons and said those converted inside will most likely abandon their faith when they are released.

Let’s face it; Aussies have been lacking spirituality ever since Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter croaked.

This is what landed them in jail in the first place and why being bashed by Arabs and then forcibly converted by a visiting prison Imam is so important for their souls! Because if ever there was a religion of crime, it is Islam, so it makes sense that a criminal follows the holy path of Islam rather than Christianity which cuckishly believes crime is wrong.


Following the Koran will not only land you in jail it’ll keep you there