Oz: Mariam’s ‘Rag Head’ Harasser Sentenced to 180 Hours Community Service

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2015

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u wot m8

The female victim of Arab invader and anti-Australian campaigner Mariam Veiszadeh’s legal antagonisms has been sentenced to 180 hours community service for hurting this Afghanistan-born beast’s feelings, SBS reports.

Queensland woman Jay-Leighsa Bauman, 22, will have to make up 180 hours performing some form of inane public service (like sweeping beach sand) which immigrants like Mariam should be forced to undertake annually as a matter of principle.

Jay-Leighsa Bauman, thought criminal
Jay-Leighsa Bauman, thought criminal

Bauman’s reprehensible cybercrimes involved simply telling the truth, by using ‘a carriage service’ (the internet) to call the White-hating Muhammad-worshipping madwoman Mariam a “rag head” [lol], “dirty Islamic scum” [very restrained of her], and invited her on behalf of all true Australians to make her passage back to her “dirty sand dune country.”

But of course, instead of receiving the nationally recognized medal she deserved, she was charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence against a lump of halal non-male Moslem flesh that left itself on Australia’s doorstep back in the 1990s and has embedded itself there ever since.

However this business of using a ‘carriage or service to harass’ is an ironic choice of charges if you’ve been following this only recently re-reported incident on Daily Stormer, since it is exactly what the pungent Queen of the Quran did against a simple T-shirt (or singlet) that read “Australia: if you don’t love it, leave”. Now, this campaign, waged on Twitter was in itself a definition of harassment via a carriage or service against the retailer righteously retailing this patriotic garment.

This t-shirt represents pure hatred for rag heads.
This t-shirt represents pure hatred for rag heads.

The felafel-faced Moslem bitch told Radio National earlier this month that, “I took the message (on the singlet) to be a very racist one that shouldn’t be endorsed by an iconic brand like Woolies.”

Since then Mariam has been playing the victim as well as a Jew does. She even inspired her own followers of self-hating Whites and assorted chocks who created the nationally trending hashtag #IStandWithMariam to show their faggoted solidarity with this enemy of the White race.

We have just published one story involving her anyway, and now she’s back in the news, which gives you an idea of the importance that Anti-Australian so-called activists have gained in present day Australia.

She’s a hero

The only thing we can truly hope for — aside from a serious car accident, death by stroke or tumour, a freak lightning strike, spontaneous combustion, or being swallowed up by a sinkhole and never heard from again — is that she is being genuine about all these mean comments affecting her emotionally. With a little bit of a psychological push, by cleverly using a carriage or service, it just might be possible to drive her over the edge.

Keep chipping away; especially you troll army not under threat in Australia. Either she gets off on the attention, or she truly is misguided enough to believe there is some sort of warped justice in her activities, because she has kept her social media accounts open and ripe for attacking.

Be mean to Mariam. Make it a mini-mantra.

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