Oz: Manus Island Guards Who Posed for Pic with Pauline Hanson Suspended for Not Supporting White Genocide

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
April 17, 2015

New Holocaust!
New Holocaust!

Eight guards from the Manus Island detention centre have been suspended for posing for a pic with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson at the recent Reclaim Australia rally in Brisbane which was then posted on Facebook.

The guards are members of the Nauru “emergency response team,” which anti-White propaganda bin-liner The Guardian writes were hired on the basis of “cultural sensitivity training”. In actuality, it means that when these rape-hungry non-Whites in detention riot to try and garner sympathy from the daft liberals out there, it’s their job to take to them with the fire-hose. The guards have now been stood down pending an investigation into their social media post, which officials view as an endorsement of Miss Hanson’s alleged “anti-immigration” policies.

Of course, Hanson is an assimilation advocate, so she has no such policies and all the smart folks in One Nation are now abandoning that party for the more serious nationalist policies of the Australia First Party.

But The Guardian is only interested in promoting scurrilous lies and innuendos against anyone born to the White race, so itty bitty details like that wouldn’t even penetrate the log-like skulls of their bogus journalists.

One of the guards' ‘Infidel’ tattoo (plus a demonstration of the magic of anabolic steroids)
One of the guards’ ‘Infidel’ tattoo

However, the outrage deepened when these guards — used to dealing with this third world effluent — light-heartedly eased the tensions of their working day by posting comments likely to hurt the feelings of people who shouldn’t even be there in the first place. Indeed, the whole affair is a real head-scratcher, since these aren’t immigrants but invaders and it’s even government policy to keep them at arm’s length.

Sniffing around to unearth dirt on the guards and paint a portrait of nasty racists who don’t love asylum seekers, The Guardian interviewed a few former guards who spilled the beans on a culture in which these guards treat these hostile turds as “the enemy”. And it isn’t surprising since the majority of those behind wire are pro-Jihadi Middle Eastern filth that only wants to claim as many Centrelink benefits as they can and molest White women.

Meanwhile the dickheads from Transfield Services who run these asylum seeker holiday camps sent one of their gormless spokesmen to issue a statement that, “These matters are very concerning and not at all what we expect from our staff.”

This is balderdash of the highest degree, since no one would know better than them what their staff puts up with, and how they have every right to their own views, being at the coalface on non-White invasion.

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