Oz: Man Run Over with a Car, Head Stomped Because He Wasn’t Wearing His Cuck Muzzle

You can go back and look at every single supposedly authoritarian regime in history:

  • Hitler’s Germany
  • Stalin’s Russia
  • Pol Pot’s Cambodia

None of them did anything even approaching what Western governments are doing to us now, in terms of taking away the most basic freedoms from the people.

These people are doing this to us while at the same time claiming that we have to invade Belarus and China – places that do not have lockdowns – because those places do not have freedoms.

Neither Hitler, nor Stalin, nor any of the rest ever hit someone with a car because they refused to cover their face with a piece of cloth.

ABC Australia:

Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog will take control of a criminal investigation into the actions of two officers who allegedly stomped on a man’s head and hit him with a car during an arrest in Melbourne’s north.

Footage of the man’s arrest was posted to social media, including a moment when one of the officers making the arrest appears to stomp on the man’s head as he lies on the ground, surrounded by other officers.

A second video showed the man running on the street and striking out at a police car before he was knocked over by another police vehicle.

At a press conference this afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson said he had viewed the footage online and footage from the body cameras of officers and concluded that it was an “inappropriate use of force by a police member with regard to the kick or the stomp to the head of the man involved in that incident“.

I’ve also formed the view that the use of force in using a police vehicle with the man involved in that incident is concerning,” he said.

Really, cop?

You’ve formed the view that cops shouldn’t hit citizens with cars?

Deputy Commissioner Paterson said the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) would take over a criminal investigation into the matters and Victoria Police would hand its evidence and records to IBAC.

He said the officer who stomped on the man’s head during the arrest had been suspended with full pay, while the officer driving the car that struck the man had had their authority to drive a police car withdrawn.

The suspended officer is a senior constable from the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT), Victoria Police said in a statement this morning.

The article goes on to excuse the police actions by claiming that the man was acting violently.

Well, the basic fact of reality is that people are not doing well. We have all been stripped of our freedoms, we’ve been treated like prisoners by the government, we’ve been refused our basic dignity. Worst of all, there is no finality – they are saying right now that this is just going to go on forever and ever and ever. So there is no ability for a person to say, “okay, we just gotta make it until X month, and we’ll be free again.”

Most people now understand that the whole thing is a hoax, but they are being censored. In Australia, they will arrest you for saying it is a hoax.

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This is to say: I don’t care if this guy was acting badly. You can’t expect anyone to act normal under these circumstances. Everything has been taken away from us, with very little coherent explanation.

The government is inducing mass insanity. They’re doing it on purpose. They want chaos.

Remember: Australia is the testing ground, and all the rest of this madness is coming to America, Britain and the rest of the world.

By the time you realize what’s happened to the economy, you will be living in a dystopian nightmare police state – where the police are only allowed to enforce their decrees against you, and black people are allowed to commit any crimes they wish.