Oz: Lefty Traitors Vow to Fight for Sharia Law in Melbourne

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2015

Mosque Busters down under. The United Patriots Front say NO to sharia law
Mosque Busters down under. The United Patriots Front say NO to sharia law

Useful idiots of the globalist engineers who want every White person enslaved to a Muslim family have vowed to stand up for the passage of sharia law into Australia.

Opposing the United Patriots Front who has organised to protest against the billionth mosque being built on Australian soil, the group calling itself Campaign Against Racism & Fascism (CARF) is being actively promoted by the shadowy pseudo-anarchist government shill Andy Fleming.

They write on their Facebook Page (which blocks the Daily Stormer on behalf of the jews):

Fascist group the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF) have called a protest in Bendigo on Saturday, August 29 outside the Town Hall in order to protest the construction of a mosque.

The mosque was the subject of an unsuccessful legal challenge a few weeks ago (see : Bendigo mosque survives legal challenge, gets green light for planning permit, Rania Spooner, The Age, August 6, 2015) but may be subject to further challenge in the courts. Bendigo is also home to an assortment of other bigots including ‘Reclaim Australia’ (RA) boss Monika Evers.

After three highly succesful (sic) counter mobilisations by anti racist activists, unionists, students and progressives in Melbourne – we need to take the spirit of solidarity on the road.
We are calling on Victorians to stand alongside those in Bendigo who want to see these bigots beaten back.

If you are in Melbourne there will be a convoy leaving from Trades Hall in Carlton (Corner of Victoria and Lygon St, Carlton) at 12:30.

However, the other cuckolded Whites from Bendigo who want to be living under sharia law and paying Jizya (a tax on non-believers) to their new Muslims masters really don’t want the drug-crazed ferals from Antifa creating chaos.

These are the TRUE Australians
These are the TRUE Australians

Their community page states:

Come along on Saturday the 29th of Aug and help us celebrate all that makes Bendigo great. We hope to have a community halal bbq and we will keep you informed as more develops.

We have a diverse and inclusive town. We acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of this land and celebrate multiculturalism.

We will have a number of community speakers and will have loads of coloured balloons and streamers to help us celebrate. Come dressed in colour to celebrate the diverse and welcoming community that is the real Bendigo.

We really want everyone to adopt the no engagement message. Don’t engage with the anti-mosquers and friends before hand or on the day.

This event is in Bendigo. It has a different culture and experience to much of Melbourne. We welcome everyone – but please remember you are coming to our town. Please respect us. We want to fill it with respect – put a different message out there. We don’t want yelling – we’ve had enough of that. We don’t want back and forth banter and carry on – we’ve had enough of that. Come and build community. We know that much violence does not come from this side but we want this to be a FAMILY day – so any engagement increases the risk. ‘He started it,’ just doesn’t wash if you could have prevented it.

Come wearing your brightest colours. If what you do, wear or say would frighten a 3 year old – don’t come. Come with a picnic and guitars. If you sell escalation it will escalate – we’ve had enough of that. Those who have experienced exclusion from our community have seen all that – it would be good to show them a different side of humanity. At the end of the day we are not here for the bigots we are here for those that have been isolated or are targeted by illogical hatred. Peace

Meanwhile, there are no plans for Muslims to show solidarity of any kind with non-believers. Just like the jews who use them to genocide Whites, they will sit back and let these self-hating Whites fight their battles for them.


  1. The TRUE Australians are the indigenous people who have been there for 50 thousand years. They have been tolerant of the English overthrowing them back in the 1700’s. WTF now the fucking muzzies want their own law? How the hell did those fuckers even GET INTO OZ in the first place?

    • Listen up, troll. The TRUE Australians are the WHITES who made it the great country it once was. Abos hadn’t even constructed so much as a simple dam to hold water when MY people first arrived here. There was a race of pygmy-like blacks whom the abos all but wiped out thousands of years earlier. That is a much-forgotten fact of Australian history that the Jew-controlled media conveniently overlooks.

  2. Mentally ill people who just want attention.

  3. Ugh. Australia has some of the stupidest, gayest, most arrogant leftists on the whole damn planet.

  4. Are 3-year-olds afraid of bombs and beheadings? Maybe don’t bring the religion that does that.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey

    Remove kebab, detain antifa.

  6. If there are some muslim scum in your neighbourhood, who are you going to call? Mosque busters! UPF folks, UPF https://www.facebook.com/unitedpatriotsfront. We rally on August 29th at 3pm in Bendigo, I will be reporting for the Daily Stormer from there.

  7. They don’t specifically want us all to be enslaved by muslims. There is no specific “plan” for us, whatever kills us first will suit them. They have dumped a massive jar of foul contents on most of the white world, a jar full of termites, hornets, cockroaches, mosquitoes, (non-whites, muslims, homosexuals, non-European religions, ideologies such as egalitarianism, liberalism, feminism, etc.), and it doesn’t matter what we succumb to first. Actually, I think termites is the best analogy out of all the insects. All of the social ills are like termites eating away at the foundation of our societies.

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