Oz: Joe Biden Warns on “Gathering Forces of Racism” over Hanson

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2016

The big joke is that Hanson is about as much of nationalist as Obama is a heterosexual male

The big joke is that Hanson is about as much of a nationalist as Obama is a heterosexual male

Kenyan-born Black supremacist President Barack Obama has a cuck-skin handbag, and his name is Joe Biden.

Joe is paying a special visit down under just to send Aussies a warning from his Jew overlords — like China has already done — by weighing into their political process with what the social liberal stooge press is referring to as a “veiled reference” to the election of Pauline Hanson.

Yes, Joe has warned of the “gathering forces of racism” in both an attack on Hanson and Trump. Not only that but both the US and Australia are a “nation of immigrants.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, which celebrates cuckoldry, reports:

US Vice-President Joe Biden has attacked “the gathering forces of racism” in America and Australia.

Mr Biden, who arrives in Australia on Saturday for a four-day visit, reminded both countries that they are nations of immigrants.

Donald Trump is set to take the Republican presidential nomination next week.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is projected to win three seats in the Australian Senate.

And while Mr Biden didn’t name either, it was clear who he had in mind when he told Fairfax Media: “When we encounter those who would exploit people’s fears and divide us, we must remember who we are and all that unites us.

He said that “we must meet them as we always have—with courage and determination to move forward”.

Move forward? Well, Joe, firstly that “nation of immigrants” crap overlooks the creation of the Australian people with their own unique culture, heritage, and relationship with their land just the same as Americans, South Africans, the Argentinians and Canadians and so on. That kind of talk comes from meddlers who want to globally engineer other nations and turn them into an economic airport lounge controlled by kosher demagogues.

Biden demonstrates how his relationship with Obama works by using an ice-cream cone as a prop

Biden demonstrates how his relationship with Obama works by using an ice-cream cone as a prop

As to the “gathering forces of racism” you have them in your own country, you nub, they’re called Black Lives Matter and your most likely homosexual boss thinks they’re the duck’s guts. He supported the “racism” of these Jewish attack monkeys over the life and liberty of five Dallas police officers whose job was to serve and protect them.

But it’s nice to know that even a fake nationalist like Hanson is potent enough to have the Zionists send out the emissaries to ensure their lapdog states are not trying to break free of the yard chain.

However, Joe also has business with China that he wants the Aussies on board with.

The Vice-President told Fairfax Media that the US and its allies, including Australia, must “insist” that China observe the international rules-based system that governs claims to maritime territory.

“We expect China to play by the same rules as everyone else,” he told Fairfax Media in written replies to questions.

An international tribunal in The Hague this week ruled against China’s claim on South China Sea territory that is also claimed by the Philippines.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration said that under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which China is a signatory, Beijing had no legal claim.

China’s government said that it rejected the jurisdiction of the tribunal and asserted “ancient rights” to the seas. The court has no enforcement mechanism, Mr Biden said that “we’re urging both China and the Philippines to abide by the ruling”.

The US works “with Australia, and countries throughout the region, to insist that the liberal international order be maintained as it relates to sustaining the free flow of commerce – keeping sea lanes open and the skies free for navigation”.

The same court ruled against the US in 1986 in a case brought by Nicaragua.

The US has not signed the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Like China today, the US refused to abide by the court’s decision.

By “liberal order” Joe of course means the Zionist World Order. Bill Clinton pulled the same thing back in 1998 when Hanson was last elected. He actually addressed the Australian parliament with comments about Australia, multiculturalism, and immigration.

Untitled9In essence it was a warning that if the country ever turned full-on Nazi US planes and warships would swoop down on it like a Jew on a dollar bill to “liberate” the people from their own self-determination.

Mr Biden claimed that positions such as those of Mr Trump do not enjoy the support of most Americans.

“Let me be very clear, the xenophobic and hateful rhetoric that we are seeing splashed across the media does not reflect the history, the values, or the reality of the situation in the US. It is rejected by the vast majority of Americans today,” he said.

He likened the US and Australia. “Our people share a foundational commitment to those democratic principles on which our nations are built – a commitment to advancing opportunity for all.

“The journey of America has always been that we overcome the voices of fear. And that’s the story of Australia, too.”

Oh, go blow Obammy, Joe. You had nothing to say about the murdered Dallas Police Officers or about the media that incited their murders. You have not uttered a peep about the ongoing war against Whites, other than to further browbeat any of us who dare make reference to it. But here you are, the minute it even appears as if Whites are asserting ourselves, pulling out all of the hysterical kike screaming.

You would do better telling your Moslem-loving boss to stop filling your own country with murderous Islamic crazies collected from the absolute troughs of Africa and the Middle East. You could also tell him to stop encouraging the rape and destruction of Europe through the rapeugee invasion that you and your Heeb masters concocted.

All in all, Joe, you’ve got quite a Hyme nerve for a White man indentured to a gay Moslem black man. The tide is turning and when the dust settles on the revolution traitors like you are going to be swinging a thousand to a branch.


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