Oz: Jewish Rugby Lord has Trouble Managing Fag-Bashing Star Brown Person

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

Israel Falau

Todd Greenberg

Personally, I think it would be pretty darn racist for a WHITE MAN like Greenberg to tell this oppressed brown person what he isn’t and isn’t allowed to think about the behavior of WHITE MALE HOMOS.

Sydney Morning Herald:

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg says Israel Folau’s comments about gay people going to “hell unless they repent of their sins” would not be acceptable in rugby league.

As NRL clubs circle the Wallabies’ highest-paid player, and Rugby Australia dithers over how to deal with their deeply religious star, Greenberg has weighed into the Folau debate.

He has a strong relationship with Folau and his manager, Isaac Moses, and wants him to return to the code in which he made his mark as a teenage sensation for the Melbourne Storm.

But Greenberg was also strong during last year’s same-sex marriage vote, declaring the NRL’s support of the “yes” vote and prompting other major codes to follow.

Asked if Folau’s comments would be acceptable if he returned to the NRL, Greenberg replied: “No, it would not. Being inclusive can’t just be a word on a wall. You have to live and breathe it every day. Sometimes you get challenged on that. Inclusiveness also means everyone gets their view.

“But I’d be having the one-on one conversation to talk through how that is being portrayed right now. I don’t agree with Israel’s view, despite having a really strong relationship and affection for him as a person and player.

“All our athletes have to be careful. There are people who will read that and it will be quite damaging to them. There are young boys and girls in cities and regional areas who will read that and find it hard to deal with because Israel has a large profile. That would not have been his intent, but it is very damaging to some people.”

And this is the very unfortunate problem with Folau’s comments. According to many people who know him, his intention would never have been to hurt anyone. He has gay relatives and friends.


No oppressed brown person would ever want to hurt anyone – especially other oppressed people, such as the analists.

After all, brown people are in the oppression together with the analists, their adversary being the white heterosexual male – and the only people holding them together in their struggle are god’s chosen.

And after all – isn’t a brown person more oppressed than a white homo? So isn’t it actually more racist to punish the brown person than it would be homophobic to not punish him?

I cannot say.

But it’s certainly a difficult position to be in, when two oppressed groups come into conflict like this, and you’re the Jew who has to manage it.

Poor Greenberg.

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