Oz: Jewish Mathemagics Prove Whites are the Biggest Terrorist Threat

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2016


If he’s not a terrorist, then how come he loves the flag so much?

Australian counter-terrorism authorities have placed 300 “right-wing” extremists on their target watch list because every time a terrorist attack occurs involving Hajis they post angry comments online.

Such comments indicate a ticking time-bomb out in the community that makes the whole of ISIS and their supporters seem like harmless puppies.

The Daily Mail, which is produced by the pet monkeys of Jews, reports:

Counter-terrorism authorities are monitoring right-wing extremists over fears they will carry out attacks in Australia after finding hateful online comments encouraging violence.

Victoria’s terrorism watch list, which include more than 300 people, includes a number of right-wing extremists.

The far-right political groups have been compared to Islamic extremists as their comments on social media reference plans for attacks.

And here is an example of the highly-detailed plans for attacks:

‘Sometimes it is necessary to take up our swords and stand against the enemy who would kill our children, our elderly and us,’ said one user on the United Patriots Front Facebook page.

That comment is a blueprint for a terror attack so massive the dudes on the space station would think it was New Year’s Eve down in Oz if they were watching.

The elaborateness of detail, and the manner in which the method for mass destruction is communicated in that Facebook comment, has popped red flags throughout Australia’s anxious policing community.


This man killed more people than 911 according to Jewish algebra

As Munich has taught the world, the real terrorists are not the snackbars who leap about with scimitars screaming “Allah Akbar” as they cut heads off White people, but the White people who have their heads cut.

For so long as these attacks continue to feed resentment, White people pose the greatest threat to mass Moslem immigration.

Andre Oboler, chief executive at Online Hate Prevention Institute, said it is just a matter of time before right-wing extremists organise an attack.

‘When it comes to right-wing extremists, the question is when, not if such an attack will occur,’ Dr Oboler said.

‘[Members will] tire of rhetoric and decide they need to push the envelope’.

To those who have never had the pleasure, Andre Ober is Australia’s answer to Abe Foxman. He sits all day at a computer, hoarding calories by stuffing his face with donuts and spaghetti, while agonising over all the hate that he goes out of his way to find online.

Then he picks up the phone and calls the police while the pizza-delivery kid’s back cricks with the strain of his massive order on his doorstep.

Andre Oboler wants all Aussie patriots in jail so he can eat their share of dinners

Andre Oboler (Aussie Abe Foxman) wants all Aussie patriots in jail so he can eat their share of dinners

Counter-terror expert Greg Barton said police are now starting to fear an attack.

‘The sense I get from police is they’re more concerned about right-wing extremism than the general public,’ he said.

The Federal government is also looking at implementing similar programs currently being used in the UK and US that use former radicals to help tackle the risk of an attack by right-wing extremists.

Do the math, goyim. Add up all the people that Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh killed, divide the total by the square root of 6 million, subtract about ten billion dollars for Holocaust reparations, and the figure you’re left with proves that more people have died as a result of lone wolf right-wing terrorists than anyone else.

When you involve even more algebra you find that Moslems are the real victims, after the Jews.


Obama upon hearing a black criminal has died


… and when he hears that Whites have been killed by a Haji terrorist