Oz: Jew MP Whines About the Holocaust and Denialists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

Breaking news: we’ve got a Jew whining about the Holocaust.

In Australia.

Where people have begun denying that the Nazis forced Jews to climb trees and pretend to be roosters until they fell out of the trees.

ABC News:

Federal Parliament’s most prominent Jewish MP, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, has warned far-right extremism is rising across the world, including in some parts of Australia.

In a speech delivered at the opening of a new Australian War Memorial exhibition dedicated to the Holocaust, the deputy Liberal Party leader said many individuals and countries were seeking to deny the mass murder of Jews by Nazi Germany.

“There is the rise of the far right in countries around the world, including in some parts of Australia,” Mr Frydenberg said.

“There are people who are seeking to diminish the loss of life during the Holocaust, there are countries that are challenging its very existence.”

His comments come days after ASIO director general Mike Burgess warned that neo-Nazis were emerging as one of Australia’s most challenging security threats.

“In suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology,” Mr Burgess said during an address inside ASIO’s Canberra headquarters on Monday.

In his speech at the War Memorial, Mr Frydenberg said it was important that the memory of the millions killed in Nazi concentration camps was never forgotten.

“This is why we’re all here, because at the conclusion of the Second World War, US General Dwight Eisenhower said there would come a time, as he was inspecting the concentration camps, there would come a time that people would deny the Holocaust ever happened,” he said.

“So we’re here today to honour the dead and their memories, but we’re also here to thank the War Memorial for continuing to remind us of this evil, dark period in world history, that we all have a collective duty to say, ‘Never again.'”

Eighty-five million people died during World War Two. But the only deaths that mattered were those of the Jews.

And yet, people want to deny these deaths.

Watch this video of a woman telling the very true story about how Jews were forced to climb trees and pretend to be roosters until they fell out of the trees.

This is true. If you don’t believe that, you have to go to prison.

And how about when the Nazis threw Jew babies out of windows in the ghetto?

You better believe it.

What about the Jew women who had to suck dick for a piece of bread?

Better believe that too.

One of the worst things, maybe, is when the Nazis made you take a shower with human soap. It had human skin on the corners.

Denying that will also get you sent to prison.

Because it’s TRUE.


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