Oz: Homo Marriage Vote Disrupted by “Literal Nazis”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

Seems pretty fact-based to me.

Homos are all about having a fair debate about their rights.

Unless, of course, this debate involves their opponents bringing facts documenting their sick lifestyle.

Then it becomes some sort of “hate crime.”

Huffington Post:

Malcolm Turnbull has been promising Australia a “respectful debate” when it comes to the postal plebiscite on marriage equality. But less than a fortnight after the Prime Minister confirmed the survey plan Melbourne has been hit with vile homophobic posters from a Nazi website citing thoroughly debunked research about sexual assault in LGBTQ families.

Pictures of a poster reportedly spotted in the heart of the Melbourne CBD popped up on Twitter over the weekend. The material, headed by the screaming headline STOP THE FAGS, pictures a young child cowering before two rainbow-coloured belts, seemingly about to be punished. The image, HuffPost Australia has learned, seems to trace back to the message board of a neo-Nazi website called Iron March, with one version of the poster bearing the website’s URL.

In case you needed the poster for… something.

How can we have a reasoned debate about anything if honest seekers of truth spreading simple facts get decried as “literal Nazis”?

The people putting up these posters obviously wanted to raise awareness about little-known research so the people can make informed political decisions. Yet that’s enough to send the entire country into a fit of rage, smdh.

While the headline and image are vile enough to warrant repudiation, the statistics claimed above are in a field of their own. The claims about child abuse, depression and obesity in LGBTQ families come from a thoroughly rubbished study from D. Paul Sullins, which was published in an open-access journal which requires authors to pay for publication.

Sullins’ article — which claims children of LGBTQ families are at higher risk of suicide, depression and other health issues — was a study of just 20 children.

“The comparison sample comprised 20 unweighted cases of adolescents with same-sex parents, consisting of 17 lesbian partners and 3 gay male partners,” Sullins wrote.

As if we needed more evidence that bulldykes are committing child-abuse.

Not surprisingly, the article has been thoroughly and exhaustively discredited (as have other reports from Sullins on LGBTQ families), but the vile ‘STOP THE FAGS’ poster is not the only anti-marriage equality material which has so far been linked to far-right groups.

What evidence does HuffPo provide that this study has been “thoroughly discredited?” Two newspaper articles by Slate and The Atlantic. What’s wrong, you didn’t have any actual academics backing you up? Newspapers aren’t exactly a part of the “peer review” process, you scientific illiterates.

The reality is that a sample size of 20, while small, isn’t quite enough to disqualify the findings. Considering the effect size, the results are statistically very significant. And it’s not like there’s millions of kids raised by homo parents either, from which to get a bigger sample.

In any case, the best part in all this is that the prime minister has come out in defense of the posters, calling them “free speech.”

Turnbull was asked about homophobic campaign materials discovered at the weekend, including a poster found in Melbourne urging Australians to “stop the fags” and incorrectly claiming that children of gay parents disproportionately suffer abuse.

The prime minister said that Australian society “is built on a foundation of mutual respect, so I deplore disrespectful, abusive language whether it is directed at young gay people, or people of other religions, or people of other races”.

“That is part of a debate, the only way to stop people saying things that you find hurtful is to shut down free speech,” he said on Tuesday.

Needless to say, the fags are none too happy about this.

Their only argument is to repeat “you can’t stop love” over and over again and try to shame people into caving in to their perverted agenda. They have no evidence that they’re normal people – and when presented with proof of their degeneracy, they just claim “those studies have been debunked.”

If these people aren’t stopped, there’s only one place this is going to end.

“State enforced homosexuality.”