Australia: Health Minister Says “New World Order”

It’s a very specific term.

I cannot believe that anyone says the term without realizing the implications.


Dr. Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales, sent social media into a frenzy on Thursday, after she referred to a post-lockdown “new world order” during a Covid-19 press conference.

After State Premier Gladys Berejiklian had unveiled her administration’s plan for Greater Sydney’s path to freedom out of lockdown, Dr. Chant revealed the new vaccine requirements for workers and customers when the city reopens.

Both parties at reopened businesses would have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Dr. Chant announced, and workplaces would “have some system of checking that.” But it was her next comment that really stirred up a storm.

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order.”

Though the term “new world order” has been used by politicians including former US president George H. W. Bush, former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, and former UK prime minister Tony Blair, for decades, it has also been the subject of a major conspiracy theory that there is a secret, behind-the-scenes plot to form an oppressive world government that would limit citizens’ liberty.

It’s a bit like a pervert flashing his penis to schoolchildren, this obsession with using these Freemasonic terms in public like this.

Australia quite literally is the New World Order.

It is a totally new society – a mix of Western anal liberalism with a form of extreme authoritarianism that would make Mao Zedong blush.

In the longer run, it’s clear that the lunatics in control of Western civilization want to use a technetronic control grid, rather than brutal police state tactics, to regulate the population. But there are serious questions about whether the technetronic control grid is even possible, leading many to believe that the “New World Order” will just be a brutal 1984-style police state, as the ruling elite struggle with their inability to recognize their Brave New World system.

The dichotomy between George Orwell and Aldous Huxley’s visions is very relevant.

1984 was a hardcore, brutal police state with torture and everything else, whilst in Brave New World, people’s behavior was regulated through social-engineering.

In a 1958 interview with Mike Wallace, Huxley talked about Orwell’s book and the contrast with his own, and said that his vision was closer to the correct one.

At that point, Huxley was arguing that his book was meant to be a “warning” of a future dystopia. However, when the book was originally published, he seemed to be saying he supported it. It’s possible that all of that acid he took in the 1950s changed his views. Who knows.

What we do know is that he was from an elite family. His grandfather Thomas Henry Huxley was known as “Darwin’s Bulldog,” being a contemporary of Charles Darwin and a severe defender of his work. He was a pallbearer at Darwin’s funeral.

H.G. Wells, the science fiction writer, was mentored by T.H. Huxley, and he went on to write a bunch of nonfiction blueprints for global government, including a book titled – wait for it – “The New World Order” (pdf link). However, probably better than that is his “Open Conspiracy: A Blueprint for a World Revolution” (pdf link).

Aldous Huxley’s brother was a major UN figure and the founder of UNESCO. Along with organizing the plan for a global education system, he also laid out the blueprint for a “religion based on science” called “religious naturalism.” You can check his book “Religion Without Revelation” (pdf link).

So these people had some idea what was going on, and what was coming down the pipe, and Huxley came up with this “scientific dictatorship.”

If you want to get more into this, you can check out Bertrand Russell’s “The Impact of Science on Society” (pdf link).

Basically, the “New World Order” can be viewed as a “scientific dictatorship,” and this coronavirus hoax can be viewed as the method through which this is being implemented.

Of course, I doubt that Huxley or Russell or George Bernard Shaw or H.G. Wells or any of these original non-Jewish theorists would be happy that the Jewish version of the world government is being implemented. So you have to take that into account when reading these people – they were actually into eugenics and so on, and basically the Jews weaseled their way into the conspiracy and shat all over it.

I would not have supported the non-Jewish version of the global scientific government conspiracy personally, but I can see how someone could. This Jewish version of it though is just totally vile and disgusting.

But hey – maybe people who read these books and talk about these topics are just insane conspiracy theorists?

Maybe all those books are just totally meaningless and a coincidence, and really anyone who reads books at all is insane?

Maybe everything that is happening is just a result of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates being very moral people who are just trying to help the world by preventing people from getting the flu?

Look at the message Twitter posted when the term started trending:

Frankly, I am truly exhausted by midwits who claim that anyone smarter or better informed than them is a conspiracy theorist. Just the idea of these people on Twitter claiming that all of these books I listed are totally irrelevant and have no meaning makes me almost believe that the Jews are right about the goyim.

Remember that “Islam is right about women” meme?

I wonder what would happen if people put up signs that read “Jews are right about the goyim”?

Note: I don’t really believe the Jews are right about the goyim. As I’ve explained in some detail in a long series of unorganized articles, I believe that the masses of people need leaders, and that the leadership class has effectively abandoned the population and been replaced with dangerous and offensive media designed to hurt people. However, it remains tiresome to have people who are clearly much stupider than I am talking down to me. It’s difficult to imagine anything more offensive than some faggot or woman smugly telling you that the “New World Order” is “just a conspiracy theory.” Actually, I think I was more offended when right-wingers were talking down to me about how the coronavirus was real and a serious problem, and we just have to trust the Jews and the government – that’s something I will likely never get over.