Oz: Hardcore New Nationalist Group Triggering Jews in Melbourne

Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Badass! A work of fine art indeed.

The Dingoes have been blessed with a new formidable force for good.

The group Antipodean Resistance has begun to plaster Australia in patriotic posters and stickers, and the Jews have taken notice.

There may yet be hope for that forsaken desert continent.


A new neo-Nazi group formed last October has conducted its third and fourth “action” on Monday and Tuesday this week.

On Monday night they put on 200 posters at Melbourne Zoo, Carlton Football Club and Melbourne University. The posters were divided into three types.

The first poster with the message “Stop the Hordes” and “keep Australia white” is against immigration and promotes the idea of a Jewish conspiracy to bring people of colour, black people, Chinese and Arabs into Australia.

The Daily Stormer approves of this message.

The second poster has a picture has the message “reject Jewish poison”. It has a picture of a man representing an Jew, the same picture used in other antisemitic material, pulling strings attached to the words “multiculturalism” and “degeneracy” which he is hovering over a map of Australia coloured to look like an Australian flag.

The third image has a picture of Hitler in dark sunglasses and the message “National Socialism or Nothing”.

They definitely have their hearts in the right place.

The group then spent Valentine’s Day putting up small pink stickers all over Melbourne with a heart and the name of their hate group.

JCCV President Jennifer Huppert told J-wire, ”We’re dismayed that this material is appearing on the streets of Melbourne as it is distressing to members of our community and inconsistent with the share values of the vast majority of Victorians.”

A report by the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) which examined the group noted that their online presence is small. The report also notes the group was formed by a 23-year-old, whose family come from the UK and Germany, after he spent around 18 months on a neo-Nazi online forum. OHPI has asked the public to remove the posters and stickers when they are spotted and called on the media avoid naming the group.

People are being turned into Nazis non-stop from browsing the web these days. From /pol/ to Daily Stormer and various online forums, we’ve got this internet hate machine purring along nicely.

The group, like National Action in the UK (now banned as a “terrorist group”), Atomwaffen  and National Vanguard in the US, and Skydas in Lithuania, has it’s roots in the Iron March online forum. You can contact them there or through their twitter profile.

Australians should get involved!

Being part of a group of friends who have each other’s backs is key to taking down the Jew. We at the Daily Stormer have our own program to get people active, the Stormer Book Club, which you should definitely check out to start getting in touch with your fellow shitlords.

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