Oz: Haji Outraged Over Charges of Kidnapping and Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2016

The innocence of Moslems is written on their faces, just below their bushy beards, and not far from their shifty eyes

The innocence of Moslems is written on their faces, just below their bushy beards, and not far from their shifty eyes and gang tattoos

An innocent 26-year-old Moslem man is furious after being arrested for having “consensual” sex with a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint.

Racist police took the vibrant Middle Eastern man into custody following a dramatic car chase which left a bus stop and another vehicle damaged. If witnesses were not themselves hard-core White supremacists, they would probably have admitted, “The police were persecuting the man based on his race and religion.”

But it was all a misunderstanding, since the girls clearly wanted it, and he filmed the whole thing just to prove to everyone that they were willing.

The Daily Mail, which gets all its news from somewhere else, reports:

Mustafa Kayirici chose to represent himself as he fronted Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday and claimed to have ‘dirty’ videos of the teenager consenting to have sex with him several times, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Police had been searching for the Sydney man since he allegedly sexually assaulted and robbed a 22-year-old woman he met through an escort agency on June 19.

On Saturday morning, Kayirici was arrested at Bondi, east of Sydney, after he crashed into a bus stop during a high-speed chase with police.

On Friday morning, the 13-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped in Parramatta and sexually assaulted at various locations around south-west Sydney.

Appearing at Parramatta Bail Court via video link on Sunday, Kayirici was refused bail.

‘They’re making out I’m an evil person, like I’m a paedophile rapist predator,’ he claimed to court, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘I’m all over the news and it’s wrong.’

Kayirici told the court he films the women he has sex with to prove they consent and claims to have multiple videos on his phone. 

The only reason they don’t immediately release the peaceful Haji and commission a mosque in his honour is because NSW police are unrepentant Nazis.


Her body language tells Moslems she is keen for it!

If he was guilty of unintentional rape, then it was most likely a sexual emergency, and he did nothing wrong. White women, it is well known, all behave like they do in pornos. And it is highly probable that the victims were White since it would be against his religion to rape anything else, besides possibly a goat, or a donkey.

Officers from Parramatta Local Area Command and the Sex Crimes Squad had been assisting to locate him following the alleged assault of the 22-year-old woman.

Following these inquiries, officers attempted to stop a silver Ford sedan on Bondi Road in Bondi, east of Sydney, shortly after 11.30am on Saturday.

When the man allegedly failed to stop, he led police through the area before crashing into a parked vehicle on Old South Head Road.

Witnesses said he then ploughed through a footpath before coming to a halt when the vehicle was wedged between a brick fence and bus stop.

‘There were about four police cars behind him and police coming the other way. Without any exaggeration, there were 15 police cars here in about one minute,’ the witness told Fairfax Media.

This demands that young White people from universities everywhere get together and chant slogans to ensure the innocent Moslem rapist is immediately released and allowed to rape again on cultural grounds.

Suppressing his right to express himself through forcible intercourse regardless of the slut’s age is a denial of his racial identity and a crime against human rights in general.

Only young White people from universities who learn from Jews know about these things. This is why they are smart and educated and want in future to be dominated by lesser peoples of color.

Pepe the cuck says, "Moslem rapists are welcome, racists are not!"

Carl the cuck says, “Moslem rapists are welcome, racists are not!”