Oz: Government Dumps Tony Abbott for Self-Described “Jew” Prime Minister

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2015

He's the Aussie cuckservative that every liberal wanted
He’s the Aussie cuckservative that every liberal wanted

Australia has a Jew – sorry – new prime minister thanks to an equally new tradition of the government dumping the sitting prime minister when it smells an unavoidable upcoming election defeat.

Yes, old jug-ears is now but a goofy footnote in Australia’s political history, while his successor — who once wanted to join the Labor party — has gone on record claiming that he ‘thinks’ his mother is a Jew.

However, first things first, oy vey… News Corps reports the following:

For the third time since 2010, voters will wake up tomorrow to find the person they had gone to bed thinking was their Prime Minister replaced without them having a say at an election.

Maclcom Turnbull will be Australia’s 29th prime minister, after responding to more than a year of dissatisfaction with Tony Abbott by launching a brutal and well-planned challenge.

Speaking to the media on Monday night after his 54-44 win in the partyroom, Mr Turnbull pledged to be a more consultative leader who would take voters with him when explaining policy.

He said he would lead a traditional Cabinet process, pointing to criticism of Mr Abbott’s many disastrous “captain’s calls”.

“We will be making decisions in a thoughtful and considered manner,” the former communications minister told reporters.

He said he wanted a “thoroughly Liberal government” that was committed to giving “freedom to individuals”.

Turnbull, whose Sydney electorate in the Eastern Suburbs is the new Jew capital of the world after Tel Aviv, is a liberal (small ‘l’) dressed up as a conservative Liberal (big ‘L’) who once wanted to join the Labor party.

Whether he be, or not be, Malcolm still has bulk Jew love in him
Whether he be, or not be, Malcolm still has bulk Jew love in him

This was the story back in 2009:

MALCOLM Turnbull wanted to become Kim Beazley’s shadow finance minister during the second term of the Howard Government.

The Sunday Telegraph has confirmed Mr Turnbull approached at least six senior ALP figures, including former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, actively seeking their endorsement to join the ALP at the time of the republic referendum.

Speaking for the first time on the issue, Mr Hawke said Mr Turnbull approached him on November 6, 1999, at Sydney’s Marriott Hotel following the referendum’s defeat.

Mr Hawke said yesterday he remembered the conversation clearly. Mr Turnbull told him: “Bob, the only thing I can do now is join the Labor Party.”

Yes, the left wing has long wanted the right wing Liberals to let Mal lead and now they’ve got their second wish. The first was that Tony would take in thousands of non-White refugees and destroy Australia, which they got, and now they have a man who CLAIMS to be a Jew, as reported here in a 2013 story in The Australian Jewish News:

Speaking to The AJN this week, the shadow minister for communications and broadband recalled his mother, the author and academic Coral Magnolia Lansbury, discussing her heritage.

“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish,” the member for Wentworth said.

However, he added, “I’ve never researched it. I honestly don’t know where or how I would do that,”

Asked if his mother’s revelation has shaped his views he said: “Yes, maybe.”

“I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and as we all observe there were a lot of Jews in the Eastern Suburbs and I have always been very comfortable.

“There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”

Reflecting on his mother, he noted, “She had a lot of Jewish friends in Sydney and a lot of Jewish friends in Philadelphia, where she was living when she died.”

Jewish genealogist Eli Rabinowitz, who calls himself a mishpachah-ologist because he likes to connect people with their past, recently returned from the International Jewish Genealogical Conference in Boston.

He told The AJN if Turnbull is interested, he could help trace his Jewish lineage.

“It’s very possible for Malcolm to trace his heritage if he wants to from clues that he may have from his parents and grandparents,” Rabinowitz said.“I’d happily offer to help him if he would let me.”

The new flag will look like this. Then again, it always did
The new Aussie flag will look like this. Then again, it always did

Must admit, a Daily Stormer search of records hasn’t turned up anything concrete. Turnbull is in fact a practising Catholic who went to a hoity school and is related to the British actress Angela Lansbury, on his mother’s side.

You may have mercifully forgotten that Ange starred in the bog awful television series Murder She Wrote. But there’s nothing on record about her being a Jew either. But put it this way, if you work for Jews and claim to be one, you may AS WELL be one.

For the outgoing PM, Tony Abbott, there was the consolation of a Tweet that Hulk Hogan was duped into posting, obviously having stuff-all idea who he is:

After the controversial spill in Federal Parliament which saw Tony Abbott ousted as Prime Minister, Hulk Hogan has lightened the mood after accidentally sending a sympathetic tweet to Mr Abbott.

The Twitter user who labels himself as RealFreeBrowny tweeted the American professional wrestler, actor and television personality, asking him to tweet his uncle for support.

‘@HulkHogan can you RT for my uncle @TonyAbbottMHR he just lost his job and is in the dumps,’ he tweeted.

Hoping to provide some support, Hogan responded, tweeting unknowingly to the former Prime Minister.

‘@RealFreeBrowny yo Tony keep ur head up,lean into the wind my brother ,I know the deal. HH,’ Hogan posted online.

He has since deleted the post.


So, really, that was just more from Phony Tony to feel depressed about. But then, Aussies have a whole lot more sad stuff. Tony’s legacy of leaving Australia with 12,000 fully Moslem invaders itching and raring to get here to rape, thieve, and suck the taxpayer dry — all on the Zionist White Genocide Plan, which Malcolm will be fully supporting — is a legacy that Tony’s Jewish masters can be really proud of.