Oz: Good Goyim March Against Plans to Give Them a Small Amount of Free Speech

Daily Stormer
May 29, 2014

Hundreds marched in Australia in protest of a plan to give them back a small bit of free speech.  Please note that probably half of these protesters appear to be White Australians.


About 500 protesters opposed to the changes brought a Sydney high street to a standstill.

The protesters, of different ethnic backgrounds and ages, marched together along Lakemba’s Haldon Street in Sydney’s southwest, holding banners condemning changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

The proposed changes, announced by Attorney-General George Brandis in March, would see the stipulations in Section 18C replaced with provisions outlawing racial vilification and intimidation.

The march, organised by Labor, began with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony before being led off by a Chinese dance troupe and drummers, with hundreds of locals filing in behind.

The drums fell silent briefly as the march passed Lakemba Uniting Church, where a service was being held.

“We are here to encourage respect in all its forms,” Sheikh Yahya Safi, Imam of Lakemba mosque, told AAP.

Attorney-General George Brandis launched the government’s draft repeal proposals earlier this year, saying: “I have always said that freedom of speech and the need to protect people from racial vilification are not inconsistent objectives.

“Laws which are designed to prohibit racial vilification should not be used as a vehicle to attack legitimate freedoms of speech.”

Political commentator Andrew Bolt is among those to have fallen foul of 18C after he wrote a column questioning the motives of lighter-skinned Aboriginal people.

If I was a suspicious sort, I would have to wonder if the proposal to change the speech laws in Australia wasn’t at least partially supported by elements of the government because they knew certain organizations would stage protests which them allows them to claim “see – these goyim don’t want free speech!  They are very good goyim!”