Oz: Golliwogs Trigger Hate Fears at ‘White’ Pharmacy

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

It starts with golliwogs, goyim, and before you know it you have Jim Crow, apartheid, and the Holocaust

It starts with golliwogs, goyim, and before you know it you have Jim Crow, apartheid, and the Holocaust

A hate-display at a chemist store in south-east Queensland has triggered fears of a return to the White Australia policy – and Donald Trump might be to blame.

Only weeks after America elected the Alt-Right’s maximum leader as president, a ‘racist’ display has appeared at a ‘Terry White’ chain of pharmacies. The display features an arrangement of golliwogs being deliberately positioned beneath a sign reading, “Experience a White Christmas.”

There are simply too many references to Whites surrounding these caricatures of persecuted coloured people for this to be regarded as an innocent case of poor judgement.

Daily Mail:

Golliwog dolls have been spotted for sale under a ‘white Christmas’ display sign.

Customer George Helon said he felt ‘shock and awe’ when he saw the display at Terry White Chemists in Toowoomba, in south-east Queensland.

To make matters worse, the dolls were displayed underneath a sign reading: ‘Experience a white Christmas.’

Golliwogs were popular up until the 1970s and were widely understood to be a racist caricature of people of colour.

Terry White has not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

A manager for the chemist told Sunshine Coast Daily there was no ill-intent, adding the dolls and sign would be separated.

A Terry White spokesman said the store had not made a connection between the connotation of the dolls and the sign.

You cannot tell us that this is just an accident, nor NOT related to the election of Donald Trump!

A state of fear has now gripped Queensland’s Aboriginal community with one indigenous activist, who gets free money off the government just for being black, demanding the display be removed.

Aboriginal activist, author and filmmaker Dr Stephen Hagan, said the display was offensive and demanded it be removed.

Mr Helon wrote on Facebook the display was a real ‘faux pas’ and ‘should cause quite a stir’.

But he said he did not believe there was any ‘ill intent’.

‘It was just inappropriately placed,’ Mr Helon told Sunshine Coast Daily.

The dolls have been regularly spotted in gift shops across country Australia over the past year.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Terry White and Mr Helon.

Again, we don’t buy Mr Helon’s explanation that “it was just inappropriately placed.”

Golliwogs are symbols of hate and all peace-loving people should be right now smashing up Mr. Helon’s store with cricket bats and causing harm to everyone who works there. They should then be attacking anyone on the street who even looks like a Trump supporter.

An anti-Trump flash demonstration should be immediately organised for outside the US consulate and counsellors dispatched to communities to establish safe zones to comfort those traumatised by the golliwogs.

Trust your feels, goyim. You should be feeling plenty of outrage, mixed with guilt, and lots of anger at Golliwogs.

Golliwogs Lives Matter, m'kay, goyim!

Golliwogs Lives Matter, m’kay!