Oz: Financial Planner Loses It After Actions of Jew Official

Daily Stormer
June 30, 2015

James Howarth simply could not take it anymore.
James Howarth simply could not take it anymore.

Sometimes, you get to the point where you just can’t take it anymore, and the fact that what you are about to do will ruin your life.


A BRISBANE-BASED financial planner has launched an extraordinary anti-Semitic tirade against Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, describing him as a “tinkering Jew”.

James Howarth, the principal of Retirement Wealth Advisers, yesterday launched the Twitter attack on Mr Frydenberg over his support for proposed changes that would cut upfront commissions for financial advisers.

His licensor, Libertas Financial Planning, says it has terminated Mr Howarth’s authorised representative status.

“Get your Josh Frydenberg ‘Central Planning Jew’ punching bag AB. I ordered 5000 in on the next Cargo flight out of ShenZhen,” Mr Howarth tweeted yesterday.

“What a c–k sucker. First course of action was to regulate insurance salaries,” he wrote, adding: “Slap stick comedy Jew Frydenberg stars in Deregulating Regulator Regulating.”

Later he wrote: “‘The F— Frydenberg’ movement is picking up steam. Free Markets or Central Planning Jews.”

As the tirade continued this morning, many warned Mr Howarth would be “lucky to have a career” after the comments, which he tweeted tagging multiple media outlets.

Mr Howarth replied with a series of tweets, which he later deleted, asking if Mr Frydenberg was “afraid for Australia to know he’s a Jew”.

Peter Wertheim AM, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, told news.com.au Mr Howarth’s “gratuitous references to Minister Frydenberg’s race and religion are a damning indictment of himself, not the Minister”.

Instead, this guy should be made the Secretary or Treasury, or whatever the Australian equivalent of that is.