Oz: Fat Haji Beast Gets Triggered on Campus

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2016


When halal blubber gets triggered it’s like detonating a bomb vest packed with feelings

A video showing a fat Moslem bitch having an emotional chimpout at an Aussie patriot on the grounds of a West Australian university has been removed from Facebook.

The video of the triggered Towelie, which is hilarious, immediately triggered cucks who are now experiencing existential pain because of its existence.

WAToday reports:

A bizarre video has emerged of a Muslim woman verbally attacking a man wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt at a Perth university, but all is not what it seems.

The footage filmed on a mobile at Curtin University shows a young woman, wearing a pink scarf confronting a man as he tries to make his way to student services.

“‘You have no right to be on this campus,” the woman screams.

“No you don’t. Get off this campus. You’re not welcome here. Get off.”

“What, do you want to punch me in the face?”

The man getting berated seems genuinely shocked by the attack, meekly responding he had an appointment at the university.

“I am going. You’re the one who followed me,” the man replies.

“I am an ex-student of this university. I have a completed degree here and I have an appointment.”

But WAtoday can reveal the man getting yelled at is notorious far-right figure Dennis Huts.

He recently posted a video on a right-wing group’s Facebook page, that WAtoday has decided not to identify, threatening to bring “a rain of s–t” to Fremantle council unless the city’s restores Australia Day fireworks cancelled after being deemed ‘culturally insensitive.’

Huts has been connected to a range of right-wing activities, including taking an anti-Muslim banner to a Western derby between West Coast and Fremantle earlier in the year.

OK, so Dennis was wearing a Pauline Hanson T-Shirt and more fool him. For those not au fait with Aussie nationalist politics, Hanson rose to infamy twenty years ago when she was elected to parliament by the conservative Liberal party. They dumped her after her maiden speech when she warned Australia is being “swamped by Asians”. To cut a long story short, the woman is a sell-out, and follows a Geert Wilders-style agenda.

Dennis Huts. A White Nationalist in a cuckservative T-shirt. May he wise up

Dennis Huts. A White Nationalist in a cuckservative T-shirt. May he wise up.

Huts belongs to the United Patriots Front, which are even worse mainstreamers. Their leader Blair just this week told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation “You don’t have to be White to be in our movement.”

Aussie nationalists have a big problem with the United Patriots but Huts is a loyal racialist so he should leave them. Anyway, a closer look reveals that the Haji bushpig is in fact part of the Left Action Group, and a socialist agitator.

The Daily Mail:

The Muslim woman who called a man in a Pauline Hanson t-shirt a ‘fascist’ is a left-wing student politician, while the man is a far-right anti-Islam leader.

Ayan Mohamed is the young woman who slammed prominent United Patriots Front member Dennis Huts at Perth’s Curtain University on Wednesday.

The Muslim woman is a left-wing campaigner who is standing to join the National Union of Students as part of the Left Action group, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.

Mr Huts said he did not wear the t-shirt to start a fight but has confirmed it was he who was involved in the altercation.

‘Wearing a shirt, if you want to say that’s stirring things up … I wear the shirt a lot, a couple of times a week to all manner of place,’ Mr Huts said.

‘Sometimes people look, and I’ve had people say things, but she’s a democratically elected senator and a lot of people voted for her. You know, I get quite offended when I see people walking around wearing Greens t-shirts.’

Mr Huts has been accused previously of storming a Muslim prayer room and planting a pig’s head in a toilet in an attempt to offend Muslims in the area.

Mr Huts believes Islam is not compatible with Australian culture which is why he supports Pauline Hanson and the UPF.

Lol, that Dennis and the pig’s head! He didn’t actually do that but it was comical anyway. The main thing to enjoy in watching this video is how overwrought this humungous Haji becomes – losing her tabouli all over the place.

She even reaches out to a skinny dyke in glasses for moral support. Clearly, this falafel filching tub o’ guts has her terrorist eye on politics. If you think women in politics creates a dangerous environment for a menstrual meltdown imagine adding to it the low-IQ emotional insanity that comes with being spawned of camel seed.