Oz: Faggots Shut Down Wedding Magazine Run by Normal People

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2018

You don’t have to be a Christian to see the wisdom here

Once you realize that the act of a man masturbating into another man’s asshole isn’t the most disgusting thing about faggots, you no longer need God to know how to deal with them.


A major Australian wedding magazine has been forced to close after a campaign by violence-threatening activists against the Christian-run publication over its failure to feature same-sex couples.

Luke and Carla Burrell, who have published White Magazine for 12 years, posted a statement Saturday announcing that the magazine was “no longer economically viable” following an intimidation campaign which saw advertisers, staff, and contributors targeted for abuse and threats of physical violence.

That sounds very tolerant…

The couple said that, while the publication had always been secular, they were forced to “pick a side” earlier in the year when the Australian state broadcaster, ABC, published a piece in which former contributors to the publication “raised the alarm about White’s lack of LGBTQI diversity”.

A reminder that the governments in White countries are your enemy, and that any money you give them will probably be used to harm you.

So try to contribute as little as possible, and take every tax deduction and form of welfare that you can.

Photographer Lara Hotz said she felt “extremely hurt” by the magazine’s rejection of same-sex wedding shoots following the introduction of same-sex marriage in Australia last year, adding: “It appears they are happy to take money, content and photographs from LGBTQI advertisers and contributors, but are yet to support and represent us in the same way as heterosexual couples are represented in the magazine.”

Why would you expect normal people to treat degenerates the same way they treat other normal people, you filthy dyke?

Going by the name and the whining, she might also be a kikette, but I couldn’t find anything for sure about that.

Feel free to ask her yourselves on her Twitter account.

In their blog post, titled ‘Farewell’, the Burrells said they had “no agenda but love”, stressing: “We have no desire to create a social, political or legal war, which only divides people further and does more damage than good. To us, our faith is anchored in love without judgement.”

Reporting that they were “really saddened” by the campaign, during which “couples who have featured in our magazine have also been the subject of online abuse despite their individual beliefs”, the pair closed their post by stating: “We hope that one day soon our society can learn to accept people’s differences and different points of view and love each other no matter what. That’s where real positive change begins.”

Yeah, sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

You have a book that, you claim, was written by the all-mighty creator of the universe, and said book is very clear and specific on a lot of things, including faggotry.

There’s nothing in the Bible about LARPing as teletubbies.

The Burrells case is “only the tip of the iceberg” and represents “a quiet crisis of freedom that runs far deeper”, according to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), which warned the government’s failure so far to deliver religious protections it promised after the same-sex marriage referendum means “good people of faith are suffering”.

That was a lie, not a failure.

A report published in The Australian noted the case of Christian wedding photographer Jason Tey, who was hauled to a State Equal Opportunity Commission not for declining service to LGBT individuals but simply for stating his religious beliefs.

The professional from Western Australia got in trouble after “he agreed to photograph the children of a same-sex couple but disclosed a conflict of belief, in case they felt more comfortable hiring someone else”reports the centre-right newspaper.

“At the conciliation hearing, it was demanded that Mr Tey provide an admission of discrimination as well as a written apology to be published publicly on the homepage of his website and all social media pages associated with his photography business for at least two months.”

Even when you actually cuck and work with these vermin, it’s not enough.

It was never about “tolerance” it was about submission and humiliation.

People who aren’t normal hate normal people, and they’re going to do to you anything you let them get away with.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Few cases come to the public attention because people are afraid to speak. The intolerance they face is formidable,” he continued.

“Jason is being sued simply for stating his beliefs. Luke and Clara were harassed out of business for saying and doing nothing – for their silence.

“That is shocking. We are at the stage where anything less than total affirmation is worthy of vicious attack. We’re spiralling into an Orwellian nightmare.”


That seems to be the thing.

(Note: Yes, O’Brien was a homosexual. Just so you understand. That was a theme of the book. Which is yet another reason that it is so bizarre when liberals quote Orwell.)