Oz: Divine Miracle as Feminist Immigration Protester Hits PM with an Egg, Egg Bounces Off, Survives Intact

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019

Once again, we have divine evidence that God is on the side of white men, not stupid whores and their evil monkey armies.


The moment an activist attempted to crack an egg on the head of Australian PM Scott Morrison has been captured on video. Both Morrison and the egg survived intact, though an elderly woman got knocked over in the ensuing scuffle.

Morrison was ambushed by a young female protester as he campaigned at the Country Women’s Association State Conference in Albury, New South Wales, on Monday.

After Morrison delivered his speech, he went into the crowd, blending in with the predominantly female attendees. As he was chatting the voters up, a woman approached from behind in what looked like an attempt to smash an egg on Morrison’s head.

It is unclear if it went according to plan, as the egg appeared to either have bounced off Morrison’s head or to have missed it by an inch. In any case, it apparently landed on the floor, fully intact. A photo posted by ABC News reporter Dan Conifer shows presumably the same egg without a hint of a scratch or a crack.

The woman was immediately rounded-on by Morrison’s security detail. In the chaos that ensued, an elderly woman got knocked down and had to be helped up by Morrison himself.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the protester showed no remorse as she voluntarily headed to a police station. The young woman, whose identity was not revealed, was allegedly protesting the Morrison government’s migration policy, in particular the infamous Manus Island migrant detention camp.

This can only be explained as a literal miracle.

I know a lot about eggs. Both from experience and research. And you cannot throw an egg and have it not break. They are extremely volatile items. Eggs often break in their packages, even though those packages are made of some kind of thick paper composite.

In actual fact, simply dropping an egg a few inches through water will cause it to crack. This means that in order to boil eggs, you have to gently place them in the pot and then fill it up with water.

Unless this is a fake egg, which certainly does not appear to be the case and would not make any sense, then this is a miracle from God, period, end of story.

God is demonstrating to the people that he is on the side of white men, and not on the side of the disgusting whores and vile Jews who are attempting to flood our homes with primitive monkey people hellbent on stealing everything from us.

Remember this forever, as it will help you to fight.

God is on our side.

This should also help those of you who lack faith: watch that video. The egg hits his head hard, bounces off it and flies across the room onto the floor. There is no way this could have without intervention by God.