Oz: Deputy Police Chief Warns of White Supremacist Menace

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2015

The not-so-thin blue line of the law in Australia hates Whites. Period.
The not-so-thin blue line of the law in Australia fears a return to a White Australia.

An Egyptian-born deputy police commissioner in New South Wales has claimed that White supremacist groups are the biggest threat to Australia’s “social cohesion”, the ABC biasedly reports.

In the lead-up to the weekend Reclaim Australia rallies, it seems everyone and anyone who is opposed to any aspect of enforced diversity is being demonised by state and media alike. This is why pudgy wog Nick Kaldas — whose Greek relations should disown him straightaway and join the Golden Dawn party — is promoting this howling fib.

Kaldas is the ‘go-to’ terrorism guy for the New South Wales police, but he is really just a political appointment. Any words that exit his overfed gob are skewered to the corrupt narrative of the establishment.

Nick spent several months in Iraq teaching local police how to suck at their job, and was very successful. In 2009, he was flown to Lebanon as part of an international junket involved in the prosecution of those responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri. Lately he’s noted for a dodgy spat with former deputy commissioner Catherine Burn over illegal surveillance in which he’s playing the victim.

In a geriatric outburst, the born liar has now alleged that “White supremacists” are about to harm the social miracle that is multicultural Australia. Addressing a Community Cohesion Conference (White Genocide Forum) at the University of Western Sydney, he said, “Racist groups who have in the past worked under the radar are coming out and spreading hatred, particularly on the far right.”

As the aisles turned brown with the piled bodies of fainting international students, he pressed on with this monstrous lie, promising that his compromised force was watching the trend closely. However, given it is total bullshit, he was loathe to actually name any of the fictitious groups that concerned him so.

“We are not taking our eye off that ball,” be blathered. “We are watching it just as much as we watch anybody else.”

This last line is pure gold in its meaninglessness. But all was put in perspective as he was joined by overweight Asian rat race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, whose surname is as ridiculous as his attacks on the host culture of the nation that he’s imposed himself on.

"Me love abos long time.  Me sucky-sucky."
“Me love abos long time. Me sucky-sucky.”

This whiskered Asian gerbil-hybrid squeaked his chinky feels to the assembly, “It’s of concern that extremist organisations are being emboldened and conducting their activities in public more frequently and more visibly.”

Naturally, he had no examples to support this barrowful of dingos’ kidneys. He went on, “Vigilance is going to be important here and we need to ensure that we monitor developments closely and that there isn’t an escalation in the situation.

“The last thing we would want to see is physical violence involving racism in our streets and suburbs. The best antidote we have is for a cohesive and harmonious society where people feel that they belong to Australia, where they don’t have the need to repudiate our society and its institutions and values.”

The discerning reader will of course be chuckling at the use of the collective “we” from an Asian import with no lineal or historical ties to Australia. But what’s more absurd than his physical appearance and surname is his assertions, which are flagrantly anti-White. According to this overripe noodle-eater it’s the onus of every White Australian to shut up, stand back, and bend over for non-Whites to rape us out of existence.

“It’s of concern that extremist organisations are being emboldened and conducting their activities more frequently and more visibly,” he lied. Again, he offered no examples, because there are none.

“Part of it must have something to do with online mobilisation, the fact that you can attract attention and support more easily through social media and the internet.”

So really, Aussies can take that as an indication that this invader will play a significant role in promoting censorship on the Internet and using a fiction about “White supremacists” as a reason for doing so.

The truth is that it’s easy and right to argue that there are no White supremacists hiding in the shadows, but given the peril we’re in, it’s no longer desirable. All around this earth, Whites are being hounded into a corral and threatened with extinction by non-Whites. Frankly, any White who believes Whites are superior to the rank garbage killing them can’t be all that bad. In fact, it’s fast becoming a belief that Whites would be well advised to stop worrying about, and just embrace as a universal truth.

It scares the hell out of the Jews. They love pushing the fantasy, why not give them the real thing.