Oz: Cop Taken Off Family Murder-Suicide Case for Saying the Man Might Not Have Been in the Wrong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

Detective Inspector Mark Thompson

I was condemned yesterday by many as a supporter of baby murder for sympathizing with Rowan Baxter, the man who killed his wife and three kids, then himself, in response to her divorce-raping him and stealing his kids from him.

Of course, my position was not extreme, and is being expressed by the police themselves as a valid position to take on the event.


An embattled Queensland detective whose comment on the murder of Brisbane mother Hannah Clarke and her children sparked outrage among domestic violence campaigners has been removed from the investigation.

Detective Inspector Mark Thompson was widely condemned over his choice of words at a press conference yesterday, as police updated the public on their investigation into the horrific car fire that killed Ms Clarke, 31, Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3.

“Our job as investigators is to keep a completely open mind,” he said.

“We need to look at every piece of information and, to put it bluntly, there are probably people out there in the community that are deciding which side, so to speak, to take in this investigation.

“Is this an issue of a woman suffering significant domestic violence, and her and her children perishing at the hands of the husband?

“Or is it an instance of a husband being driven too far by issues that he’s suffered by certain circumstances into committing acts of this form?”

Of course he was removed from the case, condemned and will probably be run out of his job and banned from getting another job.

Because there is nothing on earth worse than suggesting that maybe the actions of women can lead to negative consequences. And of course, saying that this woman did something wrong to cause this situation is basically saying that all women deserve this, because all women will do what this woman did and leave a man who is having financial problems and take his kids.

All women will destroy their own families, and feel nothing. Because all women believe that the only thing that matters in the universe is their personal happiness.

The problem that women now face is that many men look at this situation, as horrific as it is to kill little kids, and come to the conclusion: “well, what was he supposed to do?”

Because all women destroy their own families in the way that this woman did, all women are looking at this murder-suicide and saying “oh my god that couldn’t happen to me could it??? I just want to do what makes me feel good and always feel happiness forever!!! That’s my right!!! I shouldn’t have to worry about potential negative consequences resulting from it!!!”

This is the situation that the empowerment of women has wrought: when a man lights his wife and three little kids on fire in a truck, killing them all, at least half of men are going to feel that he was justified – and even the cops will publicly say that he might have been justified.

Of course ultimately there is only one man who can judge.

By the way, it has been confirmed that the woman was living with another man and had taken the kids to the house of the new boyfriend and was preventing Rowan from seeing them.

The media is using this as an opportunity to berate men as being pure evil, and I believe that is going to backfire, and simply lead more men into sympathizing with Rowan.

A lot of people are soft, and will see this and just feel sad because it’s of course sad when anyone dies, and that’s understandable.

But for many of us, this man was in a war, and with no other options available to him. He acted in an extreme way, and it is his wife and society who should be held responsible for all of these deaths – including his own.

The fact that we are at the point where normal people are saying that dead kids are the wages of feminism should make everyone ask if this has gone too far, and if maybe it won’t be sustainable long term to allow women to simply destroy the lives of men on a whim.

Of course, nothing is going to change and men, women and children will continue to have their lives ruined and continue to die as a result of this massive social engineering program designed to destroy men and their families.

For my part, I will continue to side with the men, and with families, as I do not believe that anything can ever justify the destruction of a family, and I do not believe that anything done in response to the destruction of a family can ever be wrong.

And if you think that makes me a monster, I’m willing to accept that.