Oz: Chinese Butthurt After Nazis Pull-off Anti-Chink Prank

Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Wait – why were chinks allowed in Australian universities in the first place?

The dingoes’ legendary shitposting abilities are demonstrated once again for all the world to see.

Truly amazing how China got collectively #triggered by a few well placed posters. Writing them in the Chink’s native moonrunes was a particularly nice touch.

My inside source from Antipodean Resistance had the following to say about the prank:

We thought that it was about time that the Chinese got pranked, and being the biggest IRL shitposters us Aussies had a duty to do it well. Given the typical nature of our posters, if we wanted to specifically target the Chinese and have them notice it, we had to take a different approach. This is where we got the idea to make posters with the official university logos and Chinese student union logos.

The contents said “Attention! No Chinese are allowed within this area. If intrusion occurs, deportation will likely happen.” in Chinese. The idea behind this being that the Chinese would panic, be afraid to enter buildings, report to the office wasting the system’s time, especially with the amount of Chinese that can’t speak a word of English. They’d also spread it like wildfire on social media warning each other, unsure as to whether it was legit. We put our name on the back as a proof that it was us that had done it, and of course they wouldn’t know until they had taken down the posters.

With the official uni and union logos it meant that the unions had to officially disavow the posters and claim them as fake, boosting the media presence the event would have.

The results of this were even better than expected. The entire nest of Chinese bug-people is really, really angry. Thousands of posts on social media about it mostly in their own language and on their own platforms, as well as many in the uni stalker spaces in English. Before the day was even over Chinese language media outlets were reporting on it.



Other Chinese news reports include this one. But shortly after the initial burst of Chinese and local news coverage, the story exploded onto the international floor.

Daily Mail:

Melbourne university students returned to classes this week to find racist posters targeting Chinese students plastered across their campuses.

Officials from Monash University and the University of Melbourne confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that a number of offensive flyers had been discovered and removed.

Both universities said they had reported the posters to police and handed over CCTV footage in a bid to catch the perpetrators.

The posters distressed students who spotted them, according to a post in a student Facebook group on Monday.

Reports indicate the distressed students emitted strong pheromones to ward off their fellow chinks from the potential danger.

The story was also picked up by the New York Times, ABC, the Herald Sun and 9News.

This just goes to show that with a little imagination, even simple pranks such as these can turn into major international news.

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