Oz: Catholic Students Upset by Pro-Family Catholic Flyers, Get Bad Hurt Feels for Fags

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2015

It was so wrong of the Catholic Church to hand out this flyer to Catholic students and ask them to act Catholic.
It was so wrong of the Catholic Church to hand out this flyer to Catholic students and ask them to act Catholic.

Parents who went to the trouble of securing a catholic education for their children are furious that the Catholic Church has been distributing catholic literature that supports normal heterosexual marriage.

News.com.au, pimping the same-sex marriage narrative, reports that parents and their children had sad feels when presented with the 18-page document offensively entitled Don’t Mess with Marriage. The pamphlets, part of a nationwide initiative on behalf of a church that’s usually battling image problems over child-rape allegations, have been slammed for pushing “propaganda.”

Published by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the booklet caused severe emotional hurts and moral outrage for the progressive catholic students because it described homo marriage as a “serious injustice.”

With hatefully un-catholic but pro-catholic messages like highlighting the importance of the traditional family unit, the disturbing document argues that it isn’t discriminatory to fags to suggest marriage is between a man and a woman.

This was too much of a catholic position for the catholic families of these catholic schools who all felt like they’d just been given something extremely anti-Catholic forced on their brains. Sharing deep sensitivity for the feel-hurt faggots who want holy blessings for their unholy unions, parents and students reacted angrily.

Single mother Tanya Howell, who is not married but had children out of catholic wed-lock, was especially upset at passages that claimed it was “gravely unjust” to “legitimize the false assertion that there is nothing distinctive about a man and a woman.”

Reeling with nausea from words that hit her like semen being flicked into her eyes, Ms Howell was apoplectic on behalf of her impressionable daughter, who was traumatized after being exposed to the article.

She ranted, “I didn’t actually know what to say because I’m just shocked that in this day and age, knowing that they have children in that school are gay people (WTF) that this sort of discrimination would be promoted.”

Her daughter Maddison attends Year 12 at Merci College in Canberra where the toxic brochure was passed around during school assembly. When she realized what she’d been handed, her fingers burned as though they’d just handled Satan’s underwear.

“I am furious,” she seethed teary-eyed. “I am disgusted with what they have done. This society is trying to eliminate discrimination and to be honest that’s what the church is continuing to encourage — discrimination. If it’s Catholic teachings and what’s in the Bible that the school is meant to be complying, it’s contradictory.”

Ms Howell had this dire matter brought to her attention after Maddison’s brother, who just happens to be a bender, uploaded a Snapchat of the pamphlet that his little sis had shared on Facebook. The 22-year-old bum banger sighed that he was “very unimpressed” with the message that the church was sending.

He posted, “I understand the religious values at the college she is educated in, although I feel this type of campaign is more malicious than educational.”

The fag, his pro-fag sister, and a whole lot of butt-hurt over stuff that hurts faggots.
The fag, his pro-fag sister, and a whole lot of butt-hurt over stuff that hurts Generation Fag.

Howling to the media, sister Maddison continued her campaign against the un-catholic sentiments expressed by the Catholic Church that her brother alone seems to “understand the religious values of” and he’s a poofter. After claiming that ‘most students’ were troubled by the handout, she sprayed, “My first thought was that due to same-sex marriage being such an issue at the moment that obviously the church must be getting desperate if they’re reaching out to children.”

This is watertight logic for a girl who’s been easily influenced by all the SJW, gay advocates who reached out to her in order for her to hold these opinions in the first place. And of course none of these concerned Catholics have referred to the passage in the flyer that urges followers not to discriminate against fags, but just stresses marriage as understood by the church is heterosexual.

However, what really made Maddie want to grab a blue mattress and drag it around with her like Christ’s wooden cross was the call for political action in which the authors of the article wrote, “We particularly urge you to make your views known to your parliamentary representatives.”

The hacks at News Ltd then got on the dog-and-bone to the local gay marriage group, who want to have their say in catholic schools.

National director of Australian Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome, believes that this sort of thing is harming kids. He said, “Given the material has already gone out it’s only fair that marriage equality advocates are invited to Catholic schools to give their side of the issue. After all, education is about hearing and understanding both sides of an argument, not just being fed one line.”

One thing both the Catholic Church and the queers share in common, children are very much on their minds.