Oz: Black Kids Return to Africa Where It’s Safer

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2016

Troubled black teen checks a White boy's privilege. Now his parents want to send him back Sudan. Where is the justice?

Troubled black teen checks a White boy’s privilege. Now his parents want to send him back to Sudan. Where is the social justice?

Australia is officially more dangerous than Africa. Parents of violent teenage African gangsters who have been terrorising suburbs of Melbourne are now afraid for their Obama-like angels and are sending them back to Africa where they stand less risk of being punished for their crimes of innocence.

The Daily Mail, which is only slightly better than AIDS, reports:

Distressed refugee parents have been sending their young children back to their war torn African home countries in hopes of keeping them away from a life of crime.

Melbourne parents have sent their troubled teens back to dangerous countries including Somalia and Sudan after they were charged with a number of offences. 

This comes amid a wave of violent crimes in the city linked to the notorious Apex gang.

Some of the families are understood to feel they can’t properly discipline their children, and fear Australian child protection officers will take the young people away.

While hate-filled racists might suggest that the parents of these savage skinnies have hit on a solution the Australian government is incapable of, the truth is that these future scientists and heart surgeons take with them the economic miracle of African immigration.

For these traumatised African teens, their favourite thing about Australia is their stolen phones

For these traumatised African teens, their favourite thing about Australia is their stolen phones

The problem is that the Nazi system encourages African teenagers to misbehave because it wants them to get into trouble.

Police are already worried that such action by parents will lead to a lack of vibrancy in Australian society. Before long the country may even return to its White Australia Policy, which was an atrocity second only to the Holocaust.

Upon their return, children are forced to attend boarding schools or stay with relatives, police say.

‘I understand where they’re coming from but, you know, you’re sending your kid to the second-most dangerous country on the planet [South Sudan], behind Syria. That’s a real worry,’ Leading Sen-Constable Tony Brewin said.

One Melbourne mother who sent her 15-year-old son to Africa has requested the government aid parents by using a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy.

The desperate actions by parents follow a spade of violent and criminal activities by Melbourne’s youth.

In recent months, the Apex gang, made up predominantly of boys and men of Sudanese and Somali, are believed to have been behind a number of violent carjackings and other thefts across the city.

The gang was also behind a brutal riot at the Moomba celebrations in the Melbourne city centre in March which led to 34 people being charged by police.

It is a shame, but exposure to Australian racists has made the parents of these black kids whose lives matter more extreme than the supremacist authorities who so far haven’t advocated a Back to Africa solution.

All in all, the problem will be solved when the latest Ghostbusters movie comes to Australia. If possible, these parents should try streaming it ahead of its official release, as the sight of a super intelligent and charismatic black woman in the cast will change the social fabric.

The problem is, you see, that Whites make it too easy on these African kids to do crime. Again, that is because the society is anti-black. The real solution will be to acknowledge the nature of blacks and remove all forms of punishment from laws that victimise blacks by not taking into account their special nature.

Of course, there is a real problem here in that if the kids can return to the country from which they supposedly fled, then essentially ALL the ‘refugees’ can return home. But we won’t go there because it would constitute hate speech.

Anyway, no biggie: Oz has plenty of its own blacks to ensure healthy crime stats

Anyway, no biggie: Oz has plenty of its own blacks to ensure healthy crime stats