Oz: Bendigo Bank Stitches-Up Patriots and Funds Giant Mega Mosque in Victoria

Australia First Party
February 12, 2015

Bendigo-Bank-prejudiced-against-Australians (1)
The bank is refusing to allow the patriots to bank there, after claiming to be the bank that supports the Australian community.

Bendigo Bank is trying to raise funds to impose a massive $3 million Islamic mosque in Australia’s regional city of Bendigo in Victoria.  The mosque is planned to be built in Rowena Street in East Bendigo near the airport so that foreign Islamics can all fly in/fly out with their bath mats.  Worse, a huge Islamic school and other developments (including residential developments) are also being proposed without public consultation or input.

What the?

Bendigo Bank is supposed to be supportive of the local AUSTRALIAN community, not foreign ragheads who torture and enslave women.


Bendigo Bank local branch manager, Chris Bone, then decided to close the bank account of a local resident group protesting against the proposed mosque, The Concerned Citizens. Bone head cited the group’s aims as, “…. not in keeping with the Bank’s values of diversity and inclusiveness”.

Who cares?

Thousands of Australians in solidarity with the residents of Bendigo are closing their Bendigo Bank accounts and depositing their money elsewhere, anywhere.  To date, depositors have closed their accounts to the tune of at least $60 million, and many investors have divested themselves of their stock in the bank.

Australians against the proposed heathen temple.

Bendigo Bank is in bed with the Muslims because of the lucrative property development deal.  Seems the management of the bank has gone feral.  Best take your money out of Bendigo Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac Bank are also in bed with the Muslims and have each also rejected The Concerned Citizens opening a bank account!  National Australia Bank is a major shareholder in the Bendigo Bank through its wholly owned subsidiary National Nominees, so that figures.


When the accountant of Concerned Citizens offered the use of one of his accounts at the Macquarie Bank, Macquarie Bank quickly closed the account and the accountant lost his standing with the bank.  See, Macquarie Bank is handling the sale of the Rural Finance Corporation for the State of Victoria, and Bendigo Bank is the only buyer in a no tender no public offering tender sale.  Investment bankers J.P Morgan Chase had advised the Victorian Government not to go to tender, while at the same time J.P Morgan Chase is a shareholder of Bendigo Bank.   Fairfax’s Bendigo Advertiser and the “independent” Bendigo Weekly are both in support of the Mosque – too much Council and bank advertising revenue at stake.

Bendigo Mosque will be the end of Bendigo as locals know it.  Once the Muslim wave hits, burqas will be on the streets and kebab shops will set up. Residents will be pressured to move out or else their lives made hell. Look at Broadmeadows and Preston in northern Melbourne.


Where there are Arabs and mosques there is crime.  In December 2013, there were three mosque stabbings killing one at the Broadmeadows Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre.

Recall the infamous Lebanese Chaouk family. Muslims causing havoc – patriarch Macchour migrated to Australia in 1969 – did time for bashing and drug trafficking. Son Mohamed (every good Muslim family has to have one) – shot dead after confronting police with a sword during 2005 raid. Son Ali – on remand facing charges.  Son Omar breached AVO. Cousin Ahmed Hablas sentenced for murdering Mohammed Haddara in Altona North. Matwali Chaouk jailed for drive-by shooting.

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