Oz: Anti-White Assistant School Principal on Child Sex Charges Claims ‘Right Wing Conspiracy’

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2015

Homebush Public School assistant principal Alex Gollan
Homebush Public School assistant principal Alex Gollan

One of the most persistent anti-White campaigners in Australia has been charged with possessing child pornography and grooming an underage girl online, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Alexander Gollan was until recently assistant principal at the non-White infested Homebush Public School in Sydney, New South Wales.

Right now the education department has the 32-year-old creepazoid — who had constant access to children as an assistant school principal — on “alternative duties” since the ‘online blogger’ and ‘anti-discrimination’ campaigner was busted after “inciting a child under the age of 10 to commit an indecent act.”

He also faces 14 counts of possessing degraded child abuse material after police seized his hard drives. He will face court on June 30.

Gollan has been a persistent bane of Australian activists. He was the creator of the Anti Bogan website, which takes delight in denigrating salt-of-the-earth young Aussies who might not write and talk like Oscar Wilde. In short, if you’re Aussie and proud, you’re dumb and worthless and this alleged wannabe kiddy-fiddler would expose you online.

Nevermind the kiddie-fiddlers, goyim.  The real threat is people with Nazi tattoos.
Nevermind the kiddie-fiddlers, goyim. The real threat is people with Nazi tattoos.

In fact, he’s been responsible for ruining the lives of many by publishing their names, addresses and workplaces in some kind of warped moral quest that has now totally gone up in the flames of hypocrisy.

He is also heavily involved with two other heavyweights on the anti-White scene that so far haven’t been exposed as fellow alleged pedophiles, but are Matt Henderson-Hau (known as Darp) who ran the defunct FightDemBack website, and Andy “Slackbastard” Hutchings, who The Daily Stormer has previously written about.

However, as you’d expect from a human roach, he won’t just fess up to the fact that he is an alleged child predator… no, Gollan (or is that Gollum?) is claiming he’s been hacked and framed by evil right wingers intent on bringing down this crusader for truth, justice, and the anti-bogan way.

You heard right, this cyber whiz who’s managed to conceal the identity of their commissar, so-called Andy Fleming, for so many years was just finally and effortlessly cyber penetrated (excuse the phraseology) by Nazis. No way on earth does all that chickenhawk masturbation material that materialized on his hard drives without him even noticing belong to him! And as for the other claims, hell, he just loves chatting to kids online in a relaxed and liberated fashion. The guy’s a progressive after all.

But this alleged (see, folks, we make no false claims) would-be Kinko the Clown-meets-Karl Marx hasn’t yet had his day in court so we’ll save our gloating for the verdict, which, if or WHEN it comes down as guilty will pretty much tarnish all those he’s connected with, particularly dear old Andy. It won’t be fair or nothing, but you will not be able to blame folks for assuming they might have had some sort of monstrous child-exploitation ring going under the guise of ‘anti-racism’ activism.

Yet, good readers, we can explosively reveal here that the story is about to get MUCH bigger. Indeed, Google has already taken down “on legal grounds” material published about this ghoul on the Whitelawtowers blogspot. The story runs much deeper.

"Anti-racism" may well be some sort of Bohemian Grove-type affair.
“Anti-racism” may well be some sort of Bohemian Grove-type affair.

Sources allege that police had known about this ogre’s child ogling way back in November of last year when Gollan bizarrely published his defense (meaning that he was already in Dutch). In which case, his comrades in the ‘anti-fascist’ movement most probably already knew about it. But even more incendiary are his claims that he was an informer for federal police (like his compatriot Darp) and military intelligence, who had infiltrated the anti-racist/anti-fascist/socialist scene with the intent of providing information on Nazis, credible allegations that appear on Australia First Party’s main Facebook page. Reproduced there is his ‘confession’, verbatim and (sic), if not (sick):

As theantibogan grew, so did public interest and opinion pieces were written and I was contacted by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Defense Force to become an intelligence gatherer and informant on illegal neo nazi activity in society and within the ADF due to the coinciding online misdemeanors occurring within the force. I was on several occasions transported to the inner sanctums of each respective organization to provide assistance to investigators. I received no benefit or assistance in any of my matters in return.

If this is so, then all along Gollan has also doubtless  been informing on his supposed mates in the anti-fascist movement, which is now entirely compromised. It’s hard to say whether they knew they were dealing with an establishment rat, but it raises interesting questions either way. It also slaps the cheeks of his balderdash regarding an already unlikely story about a ‘right wing’ set-up since it’ll come out that the cops demonstrably knew about this potential child-molester’s Walter Mitty double-life for over six months.

More will follow on this outrage, and keep heart folks, ’cos every day the Antifa movement does something else that drives another nail into its own coffin.

To think, international Antifa is a code word for paedophilia.

You can read this alleged toddler-coveting crusader’s defensive rant here, which, by the way our mate ‘Andy Fleming’ is hilariously-but-unsurprisingly giving air to over at his own fetid Facebook page.