Oz: 12-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped Near Islamic Festival

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2017

They aren’t providing a description of the suspects, who could they possibly be?

Sure, this happened during an Islamic festival, but they aren’t telling us if the suspects are Moslems.

Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Perth Now:

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl has told police she was sexually assaulted, possibly by up to five teenage boys, in bushland at a western Sydney park.

The girl was alone when she went to meet friends at Progress Park in Auburn on September 9.

At the time, an Eid festival — marking the holy Islamic holiday — was in full swing in Progress Park.

Hundreds of people, including families and young children, flocked to the event that afternoon.

The alleged victim emerged from the bushland and reported the ordeal to a family member.

The Sunday Telegraph understands detectives are investigating whether up to five boys, with ages ranging from early to mid teens, were involved in unlawful group sex with the girl.

The 12-year-old was taken to hospital for a sexual assault examination. The investigation is being led by the Child Abuse Response Team and the Sex Crimes Squad. A police spokeswoman confirmed the investigation was under way.

Police have potential suspects under investigation, some of whom are related to well-known crime families in southwest Sydney.

A magistrate, referring to a precedent, withdrew the charges ruling, in part, they were too young to understand what they did was wrong.