Oy Vey!: Chinese Online Retailer Sells Mask of You Know Who, Jew Shopper Cries Six Trillion Tears

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2015


Horrific expressions of anti-Semitism are inescapable. Just ask Omer, a Jew who couldn’t even do some online shopping without encountering one.

After buying wall stickers from a Chinese online retailer, Omer received a confirmation email that included recommended items for future purchases. Among them was a mask of the man incarnation of Satan known for gassing trillions of Jews in shower rooms gas chambers, who shall go unnamed because his name doesn’t deserve to be remembered, let alone uttered.

Omer may have proceeded to shed six trillion tears—one for each gas chamber victim—but eventually regained his composure and complained to the retailer for causing such extreme emotional pain.

Their response?


The store responded to Omer by telling him that the product list which included the mask is not prohibited or supervised.

Unjust. These Chinamen think they’re funny for recommending a Hitler mask to a Jew, but they’re not. Anti-Semitism should never be promoted, especially when it has the capability of attacking Jews within the comfort of their own homes.

I demand that all of China, adults and kids alike, undergo mandatory Holocaust sensitivity training.