Oxfordshire: Girl Bleeding from the Crotch After Moslem Gang-Rape was Turned Away by the Police

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2015

These people are conquering you, White Man.  The sex with your kids is just one aspect of it.
These people are conquering you, White Man. The sex with your kids is just one aspect of it.

Rotherham part two continues to unravel, and the mainstream media continues to pay less attention to these 400 girls (I’m sure it was many, many more) than they paid to the three Moslem whores who left for Syria to get gang-banged by ISIS serial killers.

Sky News:

Nearly 400 girls may have been sexually exploited in Oxfordshire over a 16-year period, according to a report that has criticised authorities for failing to protect victims.

The Serious Case Review said a paedophile ring was able to rape and abuse six victims for five years because the girls’ complaints were not taken seriously.

They were reported missing 500 times between 2005 and 2010, the review said.

One victim described how she turned up at a police station covered in blood in the early hours, but was ignored.

The review found multiple failings and said authorities could have stopped the abuse in 2005, rather than 2010 when it was finally uncovered.

However, it found no evidence of “wilful professional neglect” by police and social workers.

The report reveals 373 girls have been identified as possible victims of sexual exploitation within the last 16 years in the county.

The horrific accounts of six victims are documented within the review, along with their contact with authorities.

One girl said: “I turned up at the police station at 2/3am, blood all over me, soaked through my trousers to the crotch. They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance.”

Another told the authorities: “The Asian men felt they ran Oxford. That was exciting. People were afraid of them. I felt protected. People respected them.”

Their trial detailed how they “actively targeted” girls from the ages of 11 and 12, the majority of whom had been sent to live in care homes.

The girls were plied with alcohol, introduced to drugs, then sold for sex in guest houses, private houses and hotels, and abused by multiple men, some of whom had travelled to Oxford from “far afield”.

The humiliation and degradation involved knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats. The girls’ ordeals sometimes lasted days.

Like similar cases in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derby, the report states the victims were white girls and the perpetrators mainly men of Asian heritage and Muslim culture, but says “no one was aware of evidence of any holding back due to ethnicity”.

This rape behavior is obviously typical of invading armies, particularly Moslems.

What we should understand – and this isn’t really being discussed much – is that rape is a form of biological conquest of a people you are attempting to drive into submission. Pakis are very low in IQ, so we can assume that most of their behavior is coming from the subconscious mind rather than logical processes of the conscious mind.

Morality as justice for the individual is a concept that only exists in the minds of European man. No one else has this moral drive. I’m going to have to lift a veil here: because morality is not a metaphysical concept, it is a biological function.

The “morality as individual justice” model was beneficial for the development and propagation of Northern individualistic White peoples, and provides no benefit to collectivist groups of brown people, who process moral good and bad in terms of what is beneficial or harmful to the group.

"Justice" is not a word which translates well into African languages.
“Justice” is not a word which translates well into African languages.

It is time we separated these rape gang scandals from morality. It is not a moral issue, and by allowing it to become one, we are giving in to the narrative of the Jews. It is a collective racial survival strategy. By allowing it to become a moral issue, we enter a lot of debates that have no real meaning, such as “they’re not all like that” or “we subjugated them first,” while never understanding what is happening on the biological scale.

Conquering and dominating enemies with whom you are competing with for resources is a behavior pattern that all animals engage in, whether it be through violence or breeding. It is simply a part of the way the universe operates. Even bacteria engage in this behavior.

By raping girls of the race they are in the process of conquering, the Pakis are demonstrating their dominance over the submissive native group, and they are spreading their genetics, mixing their blood so as to create a generation which is biologically linked to them. I understand that they are also forcing the girls to have abortions, but that is just a conflict between the subconscious and conscious minds – on the conscious level, they are capable of understanding that they are making money from the girls by pimping them out, and that reproduction causes problems.

And for the record, even with the modern option of abortion and the drive to use these girls as prostitutes, the girls still gave birth to at least a hundred babies, according to the government’s own estimate.

"Jane" of Rotherham with her Paki baby.
“Jane” of Rotherham with her Paki baby.

We should also look at the responses of the police in terms of the order of nature. What they are doing is submitting to a conquering group which they view as dominant. That is the collective psychology involved with telling the girls to man-up and deal with getting gang-raped. The reason they respond in this way is that the “anti-racist” messages distributed by the government – which serves as a tribal chief in the subconscious mind of modern man – are seen by the subconscious mind as an order to submit to an incursion by these aliens. Also worthy of note is that the continually televised imagery of Moslems as conquerors, slaughtering their enemies, reinforces the subconscious mind’s understanding that it is necessary to submit to a dominant group.

Of course, if we had a solid conception of our own people as an in-group, the words of the government/tribal chief would be disregarded if they went against the collective (this is why collectivist Moslems are constantly overthrowing their own leaders). However, as we have lost our conception of ourselves as a people, and thus lost our identity to overwhelming feelings of alienation, submission to a collectivist group – that is, being absorbed by them – is viewed as a logical course of action in terms of individual self-preservation.

When the ruling elite of Moslem countries are seen as acting against the interests of the collective, their reign doesn't last long.
When the ruling elite of Moslem countries are seen as acting against the interests of the collective, their reign doesn’t last long.

The girl interviewed about Oxfordshire tells of feeling safe with the Pakis, as they ran the town. It is not unnatural that these girls would have had positive feelings toward their abusers, because it is natural for females to align themselves sexually with the dominant group. When the conquistadors took Latin America, they didn’t have to rape women, the women were throwing themselves on them because they were seen as dominating (also, in reality they dominated physically, which makes that situation somewhat different than the situation with Pakis in the UK), and thus it was their genetics which were worthy of being carried.

In other places in Europe, we see girls becoming sexually involved with Moslem men of their own volition at an age when they are capable of making their own decisions. I have a French friend who looks slightly swarthy due to being partially Italian, and he claims that girls approach him and then lose interest when they realize he speaks real French rather than the Moslem version of French.

It's your fault not hers, White Man.  You are the one who gave up dominance of your own country to an invading horde.
It’s your fault not hers, White Man. You are the one who gave up dominance of your own country to an invading horde. She’s just doing what comes natural and siding with the winner.

Due to the processes outlined above, in all Western European nations, invading hordes of Moslems are now seen as the dominant racial group.  And given that a woman is incapable of physically defending herself from a man, it will always been her natural drive to align herself sexually with the dominant group.

All war is a process of one group dominating the other. That is the definition of human warfare. The modern wars in the Middle East represent the Jews dominating their perceived enemies. They have exploited the nature of European man in order to get him to fight these wars for them. Note that they mainly use convoluted moral arguments, which interestingly, they themselves are incapable of processing.

Our modern decline is a result of continuing to apply standards of morality to groups which do not function on the same standards of morality as we do. In order to fix this situation, we must develop and maintain the concept of being an in-group, with the invaders and Jewish parasites as an out-group.

Our denial of ourselves as part of a collective holding a collective identity is nothing less than a form of suicide.  Until such a time as we recognize ourselves as a collective, and decide that we will put the interests of our own group above the interests of competing groups, our women and girls will be stripped from us, right along with everything else.